What is a Temari ball?

Temari is a traditional art of Japanese embroidery. The word temari means “hand ball” in japanese (te for hand and mari for ball) and refers to an age-old hand ball game for children. About six or seven centuries ago temari were inroduced to Japan from China, and through the years became art pieces with exquisite hand embroidery. Even now the temari crafters in Japan have to pass a test before they are acknowledged as true artists.

There is a great range of ornaments that can be embroidered on a temari ball, starting with simple geometrical patterns and up to flowers and butterflies. Some also make temari with noise-makers, such as rice, or with a good-luck wish inside the core.

Take one look on a Temari ball an you will want to look at it more and more, and maybe you will want to create some of your own, just like I did.

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