Home Sweet Home cross stitch pattern

A couple of days ago I spotted that some people are searching for “home” pattern on my blog. Up until now I haven’t made any patterns with homes or houses, so I hurried to make one.

Home Sweet Home cross stitch chart is made in black-and-white silhouette style. Beside the house itself I drew traditional attributes of a good home: a tree with apples/flowers, a mailbox, and a cat. ( BTW I will befriend Facebook page of the first commenter who will find the cat in this pattern ;) )

Stitch count: 105w x 75h, 1 color

Home Sweet Home cross stitch chart

Click “more” to see the download link.

! Download Home Sweet Home free cross stitch chart

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  1. Алла

    Я нашла cat!!! На окошке!!!

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  2. Felina

    That’s right! But that doesn’t count, because you already are my Facebook friend ;)

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