Lotus flower cross stitch chart

The sacred Indian lotus, or Nelumbo nucifera, is one of the most beautiful aquatic plants in the world. It is often confused with water lily (Egyptian lotus), and to be honest, before making this chart I also thought this plants came from the same family 🙂 But as far as Wikipedia told me, the only flower that can be referred to as lotus, is this one.

Lotus flower cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 96 x 96 stitches, 26 colors. Best done on dark canvas.

Lotus flower cross stitch chart

Download Lotus flower cross stitch chart

Indian lotus is (surprise!) the national flower of India and also Vietnam. It symbolizes non-attachment, purity and beauty. The Indian name for lotus is Padma.

Besides its cultural and religious uses, lotus is also cooked and eaten in many different ways. Young flowers and rootlets are pickled, dried petals make herbal tea, stems are used in salads. In cooking a lotus it is very important to use the right flower. If you can’t tell water lily from a lotus, be aware, that some species of lilies contain an alkaloid that has effects of a psychedelic aphrodisiac. But my website is about needlework and not cooking, so be sure that it is completely safe to download and stitch this free lotus cross stitch pattern.

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