Pick of the week: By the seaside

I have no idea, why I’m head over heels in the nautical stuff these days. Maybe it’s because of spending summer in the city? Anyway, here is a collection of amazing free cross stitch patterns with fishes, dolphins, seashells, ships and everything we love about the sea 🙂

Pick of the week: By the seaside

Pick of the week: By the seaside free cross stitch patterns

Links and authors:
1 — Two dolphins @ cross-stitch-centre.co.uk
2 — A ship by Happy Stitch
3 — Little heart @ syku66.blogspot.com
4 — Seahorse by Hancock’s House of Happy
5 — Simple fishes by Miss T
6 — Blue dolphin @ passioncreative.over-blog.com
7 — Three bright fishes by Rucniprace
8 — Summer biscornu by Gazette94
9 — Scene in the Dunes by Wishful Thinking

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