Pick of the Week: free black cat patterns

Welcome to Happy Stitch’s new Pick of the Week category. With so many beautiful patterns around I feel that I just have to feature them somewhere 🙂 So basically Pick of the Week is going to be about roundups of cross stitch patterns of other (amazing) designers arranged into thematical collections. I decided to start with cats, because black cats bring good luck, right? 🙂

Pick of the Week: free black cat patterns

Free cat cross stitch patterns

Where to download:

1 — passionbrode77.canalblog.com
2 — passioncreative.over-blog.com
3 — lesmarottesdenath.free.fr
4 — PrimitiveBettys
5 — www.cross-stitch-patterns.eu
6 — carand88.deviantart.com
7 — happy-stitch.net

Most of the patterns where found on Pinterest or in the Internet.

More free patterns on my Pinterest cross stitching board 🙂

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