Pick of the week: Who wants to be a Disney princess?

At some point of life every girl wants to become a Disney princess. Who was your favorite? I remember loving Mulan: she is so brave!

Well, it turns out, that some princesses are quite popular on Pinterest (Elsa and Anna are really trending, lots of patterns), while others are completely underrepresented. A gap I shall fill, I guess 🙂 Enjoy these beautiful free patterns with beautiful princesses.

Pick of the week: Who wants to be a Disney princess?

Free cross stitch patterns with Disney princesses

I did my best to link all the patterns back to the websites of their creators:

1 — Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) by my-cross-stitch-patterns.com
2 — Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) by my-cross-stitch-patterns.com
3 — Elsa (Frozen) from craftyguild.com
4 — Jasmine (Aladdin) by x-stitchmagic.blogspot.com
5 — Ariel (The Little Mermaid) by www.grillestricot.be
6 — Belle (Beauty and the Beast) by makibird-stitching.deviantart.com
7 — Pocahontas (Pocahontas) by santian69.deviantart.com
8 — Anna (Frozen) by kandipatterns.com

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