Rune Eihwaz free pattern

Gradually moving forward with the runic alphabet. With today’s Eihwaz done, I have only three runes to go: Sowilo, Ingwaz, and Dagaz. That means that all other runes are alreasy available for download in the blog archives!

Anyway, the freebie today is Eihwaz.

Eihwaz rune free cross stitch pattern

Eihwaz rune free cross stitch pattern

! Download Eihwaz rune free cross stitch pattern in PDF

Eihwaz divinations: endurance, movement toward Enlightenment, protection

This rune grants spiritual vision and initiation into the wisdom of the world through the Yggdrasil (world tree).

Enjoy your stitching!

7 thoughts on “Rune Eihwaz free pattern

    • Hello Christine!
      Thanks for asking! No, I have not finished the last runes yet (wayyy to late on my own schedule 🙁 ), but I will definitely design patterns for them soon! I could drop you an email when I’m done, if you like 🙂

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