Two Christmas Temari balls

These two temari were made for Christmas and New Year decorational purposes. I used green thread for background, and stitched the designs in festive red, white, and yellow colors.

First temari is a classical kiku (chrysantemum) design:

Christmas star temari

Christmas star temari

Christmas star temari

Second temari is also a kiku design, but a bit modified and embellished with yellow diamonds (stitched in masu kagari) around the obi. This pattern is a simplified version af a ball, that I found in a Japanese Temari magazine.

Christmas star temari with diamondsChristmas star temari with diamonds


Christmas star temari with diamonds

Christmas star temari with diamonds


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[…] are probably wondering why I am posting this Temari ball design called “Christmas Star” in January right? Well I don’t believe stars should be boxed in to a Christmas category. This […]


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