Rune Ansuz (Odin’s breath) cross stitch pattern

Starting the last ten uncovered previously by my patterns Nordic runes, is Ansuz – the rune of Odin, the rune of power and leadership.

Ansuz in the A of the Nordic runic alphabet, and stands for Odin, the ancestral god, who is said to give first humans the gifts of life and intelligence (this is why Ansuz is sometimes called Odin’s breath). This is the rune of wisdom, that governs our abilities to put things in order and name them. And because according to many ancient myths knowing the true name of something or someone gives us power over this thing or person, Ansuz is also a rune of great power. But always remember, that with great power comes great responsibility 😉

Rune Ansuz (Odin’s breath) free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 36w X 49h stitches, 8 colors

Rune Ansuz (Odin's breath) free cross stitch pattern

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Fairy Alphabet X and Z

Hooray! Today is the great day when I have made the two remaining letters in the Fairy Alphabet series. Yes, the Fairy Alphabet is now complete! 🙂 You can see the full list of charts in this post.

As for today, here are the letters X and Z. The fairy from Alpha asked me to place her on the Z pattern too, and I could not refuse 🙂

Fairy Alphabet X
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