Vault boy free cross stitch pattern

Guess who’s nerdy side got all excited when Bethesda announced that the new Fallout 4 will be coming out shortly? 🙂 Finally! So while I was singing about being as corny as Kansas in August, this guy in blue vault suit showed up and asked to adapt his image into a cross stitch pattern. With all due respect, I present —->

Vault boy free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 77 x 80 stitches, 10 colors

If you came to see a usual end-of-week pick of free patterns – please, don’t worry, next week I will resume posting them 🙂

Vault boy free cross stitch pattern

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Always! – а Harry Potter tribute pattern

Hey all 🙂 I remember having promised to make some Meditteranean charts, but today it will be something quite different. While browsing Pinterest I ran into that iconic phrase from Harry Potter:
“After all this time?”
— “Always.”

It’s one of the best parts of the whole series, and one of the most magnificent love stories in it. So I decided to make my own little tribute to Severus Snape and his feelings for Lily Potter.

Always – free Harry Potter cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 83 x 84 stitches, 4 colors (you can use black instead of green, which is used only for doe’s eyes)

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Holly Golightly) cross stitch pattern

A pattern inspired by magnificent Audrey Hepburn and her performance as Holly Golightly at Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The image is taken from original movie poster. Don’t you adore those cat-like eyes of Audrey?

I had quite a dilemma whether to leave the Cat or to make the chart without him, but decided to keep him in.

The chart uses only one color (I made it black, but you can try other colors as well).

Stitch count: 115w x 254h (approx. 21 x 46 cm on #14 canvas)

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