Eat Fruit Be Healthy: vintage poster pattern

I guess the title says it all 🙂 Today’s freebie is an adaptation of a vintage poster promoting healthy food, namely apples and grapes. The image and lettering in it are a great example of negative space.

The pattern is dextremely easy: three colors only. Use off-white or cream canvas for more authentic vintage look.

Eat Fruit Be Healthy: vintage poster cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 78 X 122 stitches

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Cute veggies cross stitch chart

Cute veggies pattern is following the culinary theme started with Herbs chart and Cute fruits chart. I noticed that a lot of people liked these charts, and if you were among them I am sure that you will like Cute veggies as well.

The pattern is very easy and good for beginners and unexperienced stitchers.

Cute Veggies cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 60w x 30h stitches, 8 colors (approx. 11 x 5.5 cm on #14 canvas)

Cute veggies cross stitch chart

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Please welcome Mr. Broccoli, Mr. Tomato and Mr. Carrot! Though Mr. Broccoli is smiling, but deep inside he thinks, Nobody likes me. Press like to let him know it isn’t true!

Did you know? Tomato is technically a fruit, as well as avocado, and watermelons are botanically berries! I wish I never knew that 🙂 Together with broccoli, tomatoes are among the best veggies for your health.

Cute fruits cross stitch pattern

Simple fruit pattern for your kitchen or playroom: Mr. Apple, Mr. Orange and Mr. Pear in a cute (kawaii) style. I’m not exactly sure, why Mr. Pear is not smiling along with his friends, is it because he is still green?

You can stitch the chart as is or use any of the fruits for a separate embroidery. This chart is suitable for beginners.

Stitch count: 60w x 30h stitches, 10 colors (approx. 11 x 5.5 cm on #14 canvas)

Cute fruits cross stitch pattern
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Pepper crazy cross stitch cushion pattern

Would you prefer bell pepper over chili or vice versa? No matter what you choose, this cross stitch cushion chart will look great on your kitchen 🙂

“Pepper crazy” cushion pattern is the third pattern in my “veggies” series along with Avocado and Pumpkin. Enjoy!

! Download free Pepper crazy cross stitch pattern

Stitch count: 79w x 79h
Colors: 10

Did you know? Botanically bell peppers are not vegetables but fruits 🙂

Vintage apple and cherries cross stitch pattern

A nice piece for someone looking for Victorian decorative art cross stitch patterns. This chart is made from a nice vintage picture of an apple with red cherries, like the peony on previous week. Many thanks to maestro Giacomo Puccini and “La Boheme” for providing proper creative atmosphere 🙂

This chart is free to download (use the link under the picture), but I would recommend it only for experienced stitchers.

> Download Vintage apple and cherries cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 101W x 147H
Colors: 20

Tip! Looking for red cross stitch charts? Look for the tag “red” in the sidebar menu.

Avocado cross stitch chart

Oldies but goldies – I made the “Avocado” cross stitch chart more than a year ago, and it is still one of my favorites. It is a pair for the Pumpkin pillow : same size, same style and the same vegetable ideology.

Did you know in Indonesia they make a dessert drink with avocado and chocolate syrup? Yuk! I would rather see it in salads and sandwiches. Or on a pillowcase:

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