Simple Christmas tree pattern

An extremely simple design of a Christmas tree – and free for download! Can be used to make a greetings card 🙂

Pattern size: 29w X 54h stitches, 3 colors
Approx. size on Aida #14 — 5.3 X 9.8 cm / 2.1 ” x 3.9 ”

Very simple Christmas tree free cross stitch pattern

! Download Very simple Christmas tree free cross stitch pattern in PDF

Enjoy! And remember to tag me in Twitter / Instagram when you finish your stitching 🙂

Rune Berkana cross stitch pattern

Today’s free rune is Berkana (sometimes spelled Berkano) – a rune of feminine fertility, birth (rebirth) and motherhood – and rune #20 in my cross stitch runic series.

Rune Berkana free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 38 x 49 stitches, 10 colors

Rune Berkana free cross stitch pattern

Download Rune Berkana free cross stitch pattern in PDF

Please note, that this pattern is a little bit (two stitches) wider than most of the runic patterns of the same design. I had to make it like this because the rune’s neame is longer 🙂

The symbolic tree for Berkana on the pattern is pomegranate.

Miniature trees – finished!

OK, the project is not finished yet, because the idea is to make a postcard. But the stitching is complete, and looks like this:

Mini trees postcard stitching

Right now I understand that I should have placed something on the photos for size reference. The actual stitching is very small, about 9 cm in height (3.5 ”) and 8 in length (3.2 ”).

Mini trees postcard stitching

For my next step I have to find a postcard blank and mount the stitching in. Hopefully the result will be as pretty as I imagine it 🙂

Work in progress: mini trees postcard

A little update on my progress with the trees project, that I started after returning from Singapore. I love miniature patterns! A day or two, maybe a week of work, and you already have something to show:

Miniature trees cross stitching project

Miniature trees cross stitching project

As you can see, I finished the oak part (top left), and moving fast onward with three other trees (top to bottom: apple, juniper, willow). The cross stitching here is no problem at all, but there also is a lot of back-stitching, which is much complex. Well, I designed this pattern and thus brought this onto myself 🙂

The next big idea I have is to make a postcard out of this project. But I have never tried making cross stitch postcards before. Do you know any good tutorials on how to do it?

Jera rune (the harvest) free cross stitch pattern

Remember, I promised to complete the whole runic series by the end of summer? I hope you don’t remember that vow, because I’m seriously out of schedule with six more runes to go, and the summer is almost over. But still, as I just wrote, only six more runes to go: that means that 18 runes are adapted into patterns already, and that’s a lot!

Today I made (very true to season!) Jera rune.

Jera rune free cross stitch pattern

Jera rune free cross stitch pattern
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WIP and (almost) a finish

Good news at last! Last week I finally completed the Vault dwellers couple for my sister. And it would be a post of pride if I hadn’t forgotten to make a photo 🙂 But I did, and as for now the finished work is being framed (not in detective stories kind of way) – so no photos until next week. Anyway, the whole picture looks great and I really hope that Katie will like it as much as I did 🙂

So this week I started something new. This is a pattern with different types of trees that I designed for my Etsy shop. Somehow I decided to stitch it first and post on Etsy after – no idea why. It is very small and I hope to use it for a postcard.

Progress so far:

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