Calico cat temari

As many of you already noticed, I love cats. Apart from having two cat-themed websites, I also make cross-stitch charts of cats and draw pictures of them. So recently I also made a cat temari. The pattern on this mari is purely original 🙂

Calico cat temari

In Japan it is widely believed, that calico cats (maneki neko) bring good luck and fortune. I hope that this little kitty will bring some luck my way 🙂 More images in the gallery: Continue reading »

Double red triangles temari

This temari is inspired with Nordic designs in Bethesda’s Skyrim game, that my husband plays these days. I used only two colors here: the ball itself, marking and highlights are made in white, with red as the contrasting second color. On each side of the ball is one bigger triangle (interweaving with other big triangles neat the poles) and one smaller triangle inscribed in it.

Division: C8

Red triangles temari

More images of the Double red triangles temari in the gallery (warning: cat inside!) Continue reading »

Blue Mitsubishi temari

Intersection of the squares, made with masu stitches, form the Mitsubishi pattern (“three diamonds”). This pattern is said to be very masculine, which is indeed proved by my husband, who likes this ball more than my beloved intricate chrysanthemum designs (though the latter took much longer to stitch and were quite a pain).

Blue mitsubishi temari

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Two temari balls with kiku pattern

Blue and green kiku temari

Two temari balls that I made on the temari workshop last week. Both are quite simple, made with uwagake chidori stitch and kiku (chrysanthemum) pattern. The pink one (I would never pick such a color myself, honestly) is decorated with masu squares on the obi. But as for me, I like the blue and green one better (and so does my husband, or else he wouldn’t have taken it to his office, would he?)

Oh, and I’m making (at last!) a simple illustrated kiku tutorial that I hope to post next Thursday.

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