Tuesday freebie! Dark vintage rose

Welcome! Today’s free pattern is a beautiful dark red rose adapted from a vintage botanical painting. As states the poll in the right sidebar, flowers are the most popular design among my readers, so I hope you will enjoy this one!

Dark vintage rose free cross stitch pattern

Pattern size: 136w X 178h Stitches, 20 colors (approx 19 x 25 cm / 7.5 ” x 9.8 ” on Aida #18 )

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Rune Ansuz (Odin’s breath) cross stitch pattern

Starting the last ten uncovered previously by my patterns Nordic runes, is Ansuz – the rune of Odin, the rune of power and leadership.

Ansuz in the A of the Nordic runic alphabet, and stands for Odin, the ancestral god, who is said to give first humans the gifts of life and intelligence (this is why Ansuz is sometimes called Odin’s breath). This is the rune of wisdom, that governs our abilities to put things in order and name them. And because according to many ancient myths knowing the true name of something or someone gives us power over this thing or person, Ansuz is also a rune of great power. But always remember, that with great power comes great responsibility 😉

Rune Ansuz (Odin’s breath) free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 36w X 49h stitches, 8 colors

Rune Ansuz (Odin's breath) free cross stitch pattern

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Spring and autumn bookmark patterns

Two bookmarks that I made today are continuing the theme of the patterns that I made a couple of weeks ago. This time it is spring, represented by sweet first flowers and autumn with red and gold leaves.

Both patterns are free for download and very easy to make. Choose any colors you like!

Spring and autumn bookmarks

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Butterflies – bookmark and biscronu patterns

Today I made for you a pair of very simple patterns with cheerful yellow butterflies and little blue campanulas. The patterns are a combination of full cross stitches and backstitch lining and should be very simple to stitch.

Butterflies bookmark
Pattern size: 29 x 87 stitches, 9 colors

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Pink rose on black cross stitch chart

When I found this photo, I instantly wanted to turn it into a cross stitch pattern. Though I’m not a big fan of roses, being more into something simpler, like peonies, chrysanthemums or sunflowers, this particular rose is very nice and tender.

Use a darker shade of canvas for more effect.

The pattern itself is quite similar to my earlier Lotus flower chart.

Pink rose on black cross stitch chart

Pink rose on black cross stitch chart

Size: 132w X 79h Stitches, 23.95w X 14.33h cm on 14 Count
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Rune Nauthiz cross stitch chart

I picked a hard rune today, and my first unconscious desire was to throw it back in the sack again and pick another one. But then again, if it came out, then I need to learn something from it.

Rune Nauthiz: the Need

Nauthiz is a sign that something goes not exactly right in your life. It is theimbalance between what you want and what you get. Being a fire rune, it is quite strong, thus symbolizing the burning pressure and desire for change. Sometimes it is compared to spindle that generates fire by friction.

Nauthiz rune cross stitch chart

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