Fus Ro Dah free pattern

It seems that I’m making more and more of video game designs, both for my shop and as freebies. And then agian, why not? I sure hope that you enjoy stitching them, dear readers 🙂 Today’s freebie is the battle cry in dragon language from Elder Scrolls Skyrim, the Fus Ro Dah.

Fus Ro Dah free cross stitch pattern

Pattern size: 111 x 20 stitches
Size(s) on different canvas:
14 Count, 20.14 X 3.63 cm (could make a bookmark?)
18 Count, 15.66 X 2.82 cm

Fus Ro Dah free cross stitch pattern by Happy Stitch

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Skyrim Dovahkiin helmet free pattern

Today’ freebie is a stylization of the iconic Dovahkiin helmet: a nice and easy pattern for Elder Scrolls Skyrim fans that you can use to make small souvenirs.

The pattern is in black thread, but any color will do!

Skyrim halmet free cross stitch pattern

Click on the image to see it in better resolution.

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