Dream! A flying cat free pattern – and some words about my life

Hey everybody,

Did you miss me?

It seems that I haven’t posted for almost a year now. Did they tell you that life with a kid gets easier with time? Well, it’s not exactly true. Now I have a toddler on my hands (quite an active one), and oh how I miss those beautiful days when he had naps three times a day and went to bed at 6 am!

But then there is a bright side – I feel as creative as ever, and if I find just a handful of time, I create (and create, and create, and…. zzzzz……). There is a load of new designs in my Etsy shop, do check them out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HappyStitchNet !

One more new thing too. Soon all my designs featured on Etsy chill also be available to be purchased and downloaded directly from this blog. Wait for the official announcement!

And here is a freebie pattern for every cat lover out there 🙂 Continue reading »

Simple Christmas tree pattern

An extremely simple design of a Christmas tree – and free for download! Can be used to make a greetings card 🙂

Pattern size: 29w X 54h stitches, 3 colors
Approx. size on Aida #14 — 5.3 X 9.8 cm / 2.1 ” x 3.9 ”

Very simple Christmas tree free cross stitch pattern

! Download Very simple Christmas tree free cross stitch pattern in PDF

Enjoy! And remember to tag me in Twitter / Instagram when you finish your stitching 🙂

Vintage Folk Art Flowers pattern

This design with beautiful pink and blue flowers is adapted from a photo of a vintage dish. Download, stitch, and enjoy!

Pattern size: (for Aida #14)
Stitch count: 108w x 132h full stitches (no half or back-stitches)
Size: about 20 x 24 cm (7.7 x 9.6 inches)
Total colors: 20

Vintage Folk Art Flowers pattern

Folk art flowers free cross stitch pattern on Happy-stitch.net

The download file in PDF format includes black-and-white symbol chart on three pages, color floss legend for DMC thread, and thread usage chart for Aida #14. Continue reading »

Fallout video game logo pattern

Today’s freebie is the logo of the Fallout video game series. And it is here not only beacause I felt like doing it, but because of the great update with several Fallout patterns that is going to come soon to my Etsy patterns shop!

Yes, I admit that Fallout is one of my favourite video games. What about you?

Fallout logo free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 98w X 36h Stitches on Aida #14 (approx 17.78w X 6.53h cm)

Fallout logo free cross stitch pattern
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Chibi ladybird girl pattern

To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect to make a ladybird for today’s freebie. I was going to make another runis pattern, like last week, but stumbled upon this amazing felt craft image on Pinterest:
Beautiful felt ladybird

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ericacatarina/7563193062/in/photostream/ via Pinterest

And here is what appeared miraculously in my Pattern Maker: a chibi kawaii-style girl in a ladybird costume. The pattern is small and extremely easy, it can be stitched by kids or beginners. It can also be used to make a postcard or on a pincushion.

Chibi ladybird girl pattern
Pattern size: 45 x 45 stitches, 6 colors

Chibi ladybird cross stitch pattern Download link inside: Continue reading »

Rune Mannaz (Man, Humanity) cross stitch pattern

You know what? I suddenly remembered, that I promised to complete the Runic patterns series by the end of the summer. And it seems that time is running out quicklier, than I could have expected. So, for now it is fifteen runes completed and nine runes to go. 🙂

And today my wonderful runic sack presented me with the Mannaz.

Rune Mannaz (Man, Humanity) free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 36w X 49h stitches (and when stitched it will look something like this)

Rune Mannaz (Man, Humanity) free cross stitch pattern

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