Fallout Vault boy and monsters cross stitch pattern

Hey, Fallout fans out there! How do you like this one? For me this is by far the best Fallout pattern I’ve made. Just look at this cute Deathclaw! 🙂

Fallout Vault boy and monsters cross stitch pattern (You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby)

Fallout Vault boy and monsters cross stitch pattern

The pattern can be purchased from Etsy. Enjoy!

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One finish, one disappointment, and one wedding coming up

Today is the day when I can finally tell you, that I did it! The Fallout wedding project is finished, framed and ready to go to it’s new owners. And right now I have some very mixed feelings about it.

But first things first, here’s a photo:
Fallout vault dwellers finished project

As you probably remember, I stitched this for my half-sister, who’s wedding is coming up this Saturday. It is a custom project, I made the pattern, chose the canvas, stitched it and was oh-so-very proud of myself. But then I had to get it framed, and as it is a present, moreover – a wedding present – I decided that I would not do it myself and would rather pay professionals to do it properly.

I got my stitching back yesterday, and was even more happy right until I unpacked it. The first photo was tweaked a bit, and here is the original. Can you see the problem here? Continue reading »

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