Easter eggs cross stitch pattern

Would you believe if I told you that I totally forgot about upcoming Easter? Well, so I did, and only got suspicious with the sudden increase of the amount of people searching for Easter patterns 🙂 So here is a little something with Easter eggs and flowers (based on an image from the Web).

Easter eggs cross stitch pattern

Easter eggs cross stitch chart

! Download Easter eggs cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 64w x 79h stitches, 12 colors

Did you know? In software development an Easter egg is a hidden message, often a inside joke. Even some versions of Microsoft Office have Easter eggs in them!

Fuchsia and green interwoven temari

The pattern on this mari is done without any embroidery, the only stitches I made were the thread securing stitches in the start and the end of each round of wrapping. This ball is one of my smallest temaris (as can be seen on the photo with the toothpick).

Violet and orange spindle temari

One of my so far personal favorites – the violet and orange temari with the spindle design (see the spindle in one of my first temari balls). Here I tried a two-layered wrapping with black base and semi-transparent silver upper layer.

The worst mistake I made in this mari (along with several other ones) was to have the wrapping thread and the working thread equal in width. If you are new to making temari, remember to have the wrapping thread much thinner, otherwise it will affect the pattern.