I aim to misbehave cross stitch pattern

Welcome, Firefly fans! Today’s free cross stitch pattern is one of two of my favourite (and, probably, best) quotes of Serenity:

I aim to misbehave

What more is there to say? Download and enjoy your stitching 🙂

I aim to misbehave free cross stitch pattern

I aim to misbehave free Serenity cross stitch pattern

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Laters, baby – 50 Shades of Grey free pattern

I’ve read 50 Shades of Grey recently. Who didn’t? Well, if fairy tales could be PG rated, this would be it. It is Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast combined in one story, generously flavoured up with lots of sex. But there is one thing that I found most fairytale-ish of it all. It’s not the under-thirty billionaire (well, hello there, mr. Zuckerberg, I’m using you as an age example only) and not the 22-year-old I-know-nothing-about-sex virgin – that’s quite plausible. Neither is it the amazing transformation from virgin to sex-diva in a couple of days – well, given that mr. Grey prefers women that can not move, there is no way of telling if Ana really became that good.

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