7 thoughts on “Forget-me-not cross stitch pattern

  1. I downloaded your forget me not pattern but it is not open in a readable format how can I can this so I can read the color chart and be able to print it our so I can use it. Joan

    1. Hi Joan, the file you downloaded should be the ZIP archive. Inside there are a .jpeg (picture) with the pattern itself and a .rtf (text) with the color chart. Please let me know which particular file is problematic, and I will send you a replacement.

  2. It is the color key chart of the pattern that dose no match the symbol on the pattern. Joan I love the pattern

  3. Oh! I can’t download it. It keep me waiting for long time and nothing happens. I wish you check what is wrong with the link. Please. Cause I love the flower design and the colors.

  4. Hi Eman! I’ve reuploaded the pattern, plase try downloading it again. 🙂

    If the problem persists, just let me know and I will send the pattern directly to your email.

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