Cross Stitching for beginners: Accessories

Cross stitching accessories

The art of cross stitching is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It is an easy stitch to master but using it you can create beautiful designs to decorate all sorts of items for your family and home. And you’ll have fun doing it!

Cross stitching is an easy hobby in many ways. First, it is an easy technique; second, you don’t need many things to start embroidering with it. What you will need is primarily motivation (a quite necessary component), and also an embroiderers hoop, the fabric, threads, needles, and a pattern. Using needle threader, special scissors and thimble is not necessary but convenient. We recommend purchasing all accessories in advance, and an original pattern for cross stitching you can find at this website.

The best fabric to use for beginners is canvas. It comes in different colours, with or without tacking, with large, medium or small grids. The higher the grid number, the denser the canvas. The most popular canvas type is Aida. More intricate designs are usually done on Aida No.18, while for beginners we recommend Aida No.14.

The embroiderers hoop helps to stretch the fabric and keep the stitches even.

Cross stitching requires special embroidery threads. They can be of different quality, which determine the ultimate result. Good-quality threads are more fun to work with and the design comes out better-looking and more professional. The threads come in a wide variety of colours. Check your chosen design pattern carefully for the colours you’ll actually need. To make things easier, you could buy an organizer to keep your threads and note their reference numbers. Embroidery organizer is a cardboard box with perforations near the edges, which will help you to keep your threads in order and always find the right colour.

Cross stitching accessoriesThe needle used for cross stitch is a round-ended needle with a wider eye than a sewing needle. The higher the number, the finer the needle. The needle size varies according to the weft. For example, embroidery needles no. 22, 24, 26 are suitable for canvas no. 14. Sometimes a needle threader would be handy, especially when you need to thread two or three threads together.

You will also need small pointed scissors that you will use only for your embroidery. To protect your middle finger, use a thimble.

Now, when you have assembled everything you’ll need, the fun part starts. You can begin embroidering!

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  1. Would like to make the mayan turtle, however, I want it much smaller 6″ x 6″ US measurements. Would you be willing to resize the pattern for me? I want to use it on a combination project of crochet/cross stitch. I don’t like the hearts (cross stitch) for the project and would like to replace the heart pattern with the mayan turtle. Trying to be different.

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