Cute veggies cross stitch chart

Cute veggies pattern is following the culinary theme started with Herbs chart and Cute fruits chart. I noticed that a lot of people liked these charts, and if you were among them I am sure that you will like Cute veggies as well.

The pattern is very easy and good for beginners and unexperienced stitchers.

Cute Veggies cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 60w x 30h stitches, 8 colors (approx. 11 x 5.5 cm on #14 canvas)

Cute veggies cross stitch chart

! Download free Cute veggies cross stitch chart

Please welcome Mr. Broccoli, Mr. Tomato and Mr. Carrot! Though Mr. Broccoli is smiling, but deep inside he thinks, Nobody likes me. Press like to let him know it isn’t true!

Did you know? Tomato is technically a fruit, as well as avocado, and watermelons are botanically berries! I wish I never knew that 🙂 Together with broccoli, tomatoes are among the best veggies for your health.

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