Gebo rune cross stitch chart

Gebo, the gift

The act of giving is a wonder for two: the one who gives and the ones, who accepts the gift. Gebo can symbolize both sides of the exchange. It is a rune for relationships and for meatings, a good symbol for anyone who has to work with people.

Being a rune of connection, Gebo also symbolizes love and marriage (so it can make a fair wedding gift). Gebo is a great good-luck charm for strengthening relationships.

If you came on this page while randomly browsing the Web, expect Gebo to bring you new connections with people.

Stitch count: 36 x 49 stitches, 7 colors

Gebo rune cross stitch chart

If taken to extremes it can mean not only generosity, but sacrifice (or self-sacrifice). Remebmer, that a gift can be an oath and a bond between people. Too much giving destroys the giver, so be careful with using Gebo.

The plant for this rune is an elm, beacuse it is said to be a symbol of giving and generosity (the other giving tree is apple-tree, you can take it’s pattern from Fehu rune pattern).

This pattern is one of the runic series of patterns. Look for the posts tagged ‘runes’ for more charts of the same design.


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