Home Sweet Home cross stitch pattern

A couple of days ago I spotted that some people are searching for “home” pattern on my blog. Up until now I haven’t made any patterns with homes or houses, so I hurried to make one.

Home Sweet Home cross stitch chart is made in black-and-white silhouette style. Beside the house itself I drew traditional attributes of a good home: a tree with apples/flowers, a mailbox, and a cat. ( BTW I will befriend Facebook page of the first commenter who will find the cat in this pattern 😉 )

Stitch count: 105w x 75h, 1 color

Home Sweet Home cross stitch chart

Click “more” to see the download link.

! Download Home Sweet Home free cross stitch chart

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home cross stitch pattern

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, the cat is over there in the front window. And being the first one to notice, you get the right to chose what will be on my next free cross stitch pattern. So, what would you like to see? 🙂

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