Old windmill cross stitch chart

But I feel I’m growing older
And the songs that I have sung
Echo in the distance
Like the sound
Of a windmill going ’round
I guess I’ll always be
A soldier of fortune…

Todays cross stitch pattern features an old windmill standing on the seashore. I could not help of remembering the Deep Purple song from above while working on the chart, even had to turn it on on Youtube.

Old windmill cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 140 x 170 stitches, 32 colors

Old mill cross stitch pattern

! Download free original Old mill cross stitch pattern

The windmill on the picture is a tower mill build with masonry base. Such mills were common in Europe from 13th up to 19th century and can still be found in different places, mostly around the Mediterranean Sea. They probably are not used for their primary purpose now, but serve more as historical landmarks and museums.

Unfortunately, I do not know the origin of the photo 🙁 If you know more about this mill, let me know!

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