Perthro rune cross stitch chart

Perthro, the dice cup.

This rune symbolizes the dice, or more broadly – destiny, something that awaits you. Dice were used for fortune-telling (as well as today). It has an amount of uncertainty, because you never know how lucky the draw will be.

Perthro is very controversial and is sometimes interpreted as a woman’s womb, that also holds a lot of mystery in itself. It is said to enhance psychic abilities and sexuality.

Anyway, if you came across that rune by accident – expect more mysteries happening 🙂

Stitch count (Perthro pattern is bigger than the other runic charts because the name of the rune is longer): 40 x 49 stitches, 7 colors

Perthro rune cross stitch chart


Perthro is a good gift for someone who needs to clarify future path, or as a good luck charm.

I gave this rune a plant that is the luckiest ever. And though usually I choose trees for my runes, today it seemed best to draw a shamrock. What else could it be?

This pattern is one of the runic series of patterns. Look for the posts tagged ‘runes’ for more charts of the same design.

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