Rune Laguz (water, intuition) cross stitch chart

The primary meaning of Laguz is water. Water was very controversial for the Vikings being very dangerous yet giving life (irrigation and fish). That is why Laguz often means life, birth and new beginnings.

Rune Laguz (water) cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 39 x 46 stitches, 9 colors

Deeper meaning of Laguz is the Flow, artistic inspiration, intuition and unconscious wisdom. This rune with its ability of multiplying creation powers can make a good present for any creative person. But you should be very careful with Laguz (as well as with any other rune), because it also means dark and hidden sides of your subconsciousness. Don’t get carried away with your imagination!

Laguz is also said to be a very feminine rune. It gives the woman a strength to get through any obstacles in life.

If you got to this page while randomly browsing the Web, than maybe Laguz is trying to tell you that you should relax and go with the flow of your life.

I chose a weeping willow as a symbolic tree for this pattern, because it grows only near water.

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