Vintage yellow iris chart

The iris tales its name from the Greek word for rainbow because of the many colors of different irises. There are around 300 species of this plant! Today’s chart is based on a beautiful vintage painting of a yellow Iris germanica, a very common garden flower. if you liked my Vintage peony chart, than you are sure to enjoy this one too!

The chart is relatively big and uses a lot of close colors, so I would recommend it for patient stitchers. Try using colored canvas to make the finished embroidery even more vintage!

Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 103w x 207h stitches, 27 colors

Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

! Download Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

As always, this chart is free for download. And if you want to thank me for my work, like Happy Stitch on Facebook or Pinterest!

Did you know? In Greek mythology Iris was the messenger goddess, that linked gods and humans. She was the personification of rainbow (thus the name) and was often depicted as a winged young girl.

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