A winning weekend :) JTA certification and PunkProjects

Mitsubane Kikkou temari

I had a great weekend with wonderful news coming my way both on Saturday and on Sunday, and I couldn’t waut till today to share these news with you 🙂

On Saturday there was a message from Ginny Thompson / temarikai.com informing me that I passed my first level of JTA Temari certification. Yay! Thanks to Ginny who not only made a informative website with tons of tutorials, but also was an amazing mentor!

Just in case you are curious, here are the temari I made for the exams:

Jyouge Douji temari

Masu Kagari temari

Uwagake Chidori temari

Mitsubane Kikkou temari

And then, unexpectedly, came an e-mail from Katie / punkprojects.com. It turnes out that I won the last craft challenge with my Cat Sampler pattern. Great news indeed! Thank you, Katie, for pumping up my creativity 🙂

You can see that my weekend got better each day. And how was your weekend?

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