One finish, one disappointment, and one wedding coming up

Fallout vault dwellers finished project

Today is the day when I can finally tell you, that I did it! The Fallout wedding project is finished, framed and ready to go to it’s new owners. And right now I have some very mixed feelings about it.

But first things first, here’s a photo:
Fallout vault dwellers finished project

As you probably remember, I stitched this for my half-sister, who’s wedding is coming up this Saturday. It is a custom project, I made the pattern, chose the canvas, stitched it and was oh-so-very proud of myself. But then I had to get it framed, and as it is a present, moreover – a wedding present – I decided that I would not do it myself and would rather pay professionals to do it properly.

I got my stitching back yesterday, and was even more happy right until I unpacked it. The first photo was tweaked a bit, and here is the original. Can you see the problem here?

Fallout vault dwellers finished project

Well, my OCD surely can.

Come on, guys, you had one job! Is it really that impossible to keep straight lines straight? Trust me, it was better before framing:

Katie's Wedding gift - finished

So I am worried and disappointed, and not sure what to do in the remaining three days to fix the problem.

Katie's Wedding gift - finished

But, to look on the bright side, I still love the way the pattern looks. And I have started a new stitching already, that I will surely frame myself. Mwahaha.

8 thoughts on “One finish, one disappointment, and one wedding coming up

  1. I really really love this! How can I put in my details of my boyfriend and I in? I would love to buy one that you could make of us! Do you make them then sell them or only the parts to it? I can’t stitch so this is amazing!

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