Pick of the Week: cartoon heroes

Pick of the week - free patterns with cartoon characters

Admit it: we all love them! Today’s pick of free patterns is dedicated to different TV and cartoon heroes: Mickey and Minnie, Popeye and Olive – and more. Scroll down to find links to websites, where you can download these patterns.

Great gifts for children or children at heart 🙂

Pick of the week - free patterns with cartoon characters

Download links:

1. Minnie Mouse– made by Nella on http://it.my-cross-stitch-patterns.com
2. Betty Boop – found on http://encantosempontocruz-barbie.blogspot.com
3. Mickey Mouse – found on http://www.gvellostitch.com
4. Tigger from Vinnie the Pooh – made by http://makibird-stitching.deviantart.com
5. Popeye and Olive – made by http://syra1974.deviantart.com
6. Ghostbusters sign (ah well, this is not exactly a character, but I like it anyway) – http://makibird-stitching.deviantart.com
7. Hobbs – made by http://santian69.deviantart.com

Next week – Disney characters!

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