Fairy alphabet patterns: S, O, and Y

Fairy alphabet letter Y cross stitch pattern

Today’s charts are made special for Meera, who requested to see letters S, O, and Y of the Fairy alphabet series. So here they are!

Size (same for all three letters): 28 x 37 stitches, 7 colors. Colors chart guide is included in each archive.

Fairy alphabet S cross stitch pattern
Fairy alphabet S cross stitch pattern
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Fairy alphabet – list of all available charts

Fairy alphabet free cross stitch patterns - full list

Fairy alphabet free cross stitch patterns - full list

For all who like my “Fairy alphabet” charts, here is a helpful list of all charts I already made. So now you won’t have to browse through the whole blog to find what you need 🙂

And don’t forget, that requests for the next letters are highly appreciated! 🙂

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Festive cross-stitch alphabet

Just a simple alphabet. Every letter is decorated with back-stitched green leaves and French knot red berries. The white-green-red palette is inspired by Christmas season ornaments (just don’t ask why I make something Christmas-inspired in June!), so you can use the letters from this pattern for holiday presents or cards.

Stitch count: 50 x 60 stitches (whole design), 6 x 9 stitches (one letter); 4 colors

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Klingon cross stitch sampler

A perfectly normal sampler except that it has Klingon pIqaD alphabet and numbers 🙂

I have to admit that I haven’t seen much of the original Star Trek series. But I bumped accidentally into Wikipedia article on Klingon language and was quite amazed how much effort was built into developing the Star Trek universe in whole and Klingon part of it in particular. As a lover of different languages and cultures I knew I should make something like this.

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Fairy alphabet – A, B, C (cross stitch letter patterns)

First letters of my new Fairy alphabet series: A, B, and C. A fairy is blessing every letter of this alphabet with good wishes 🙂 I tried to use nice and light colors to bring even more magic into these patterns.

All patterns in this alphabet are full cross stitch only (no half or back stitches) and suitable for beginners. [More fairy alphabet letters]

Fairy alphabet A

Download Fairy alphabet A pattern

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