Small Maneki-neko chart

A Maneki-neko (the “beckoning cat” or the “welcoming cat”, typically a Japanese bobtail with calico coat and a very short tail) is a traditional Japanese symbol of good luck. You can often see it in shop windows or restaurants. It is believed that the right paw in welcoming gesture welcomes people while the left paw welcomes wealth and good luck.

Stitch yourself a meowing good luck charm!

Stitch count: 60W x 90H
Colors: 6

! Download Maneki-neko cross stitch chart

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Black cat crossstitch pattern (once again :)

Yet once again a small addition to the thematic Halloween patterns. This cross stitch pattern of a black cat is based on a clip-art picture from the Web. It is quite small and doesn’t require much technique or patience. It also can be matched with the patterns in the Halloween pack and used for decoration.

Black and white cat cross stitch pattern
Use the download link below to get the pattern and the colors list.
Stitch count: 65w X 54h
Colors: 7

Download Black and white cat cross stitch pattern

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Halloween cross stitch patterns pack

Okay, okay, I got carried away in my previous Christmas post. Here is a little present for all of you looking for pumpkins and broomsticks: a Halloween patterns pack. Use these small patterns for stand-alone presents or for decorating. The patterns are really simple: average stitch count is 45×45 and less than 10 colors, thus easy to cross-stitch even for a child.

And yes, I hope to make also a Halloween temari 🙂

There are five patterns in the pack:
– a pumpkin,
– an old tomb,
– a bat,
– a spider,
– and a black cat

(Click more to see the download link)
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