Christmas cross stitch patterns: holly, snowman, wreath

Yes, I know that Christmas is already past and New Year is in only two days. But I just couldn’t stop myself from making a third pack of holiday cross stitch patterns (see also Christmas pack of small patterns – 2 and Christmas pack of cross stitch patterns).

In this pack you will find four traditional Christmas and New Year symbols:

  • A decorated fur tree
  • A snowman with red nose and a hat
  • A decorative wreath
  • and a small chart of holly leaves and berries

Christmas pack of cross stitch charts: fur tree, holly, wreath, snowman

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Happy New Year!

Decorated Christmas stocking

Christmas stocking

This nicely decorated Christmas stocking is embroidered with one of my holiday cross stitch designs from the Christmas pack (The Bells). I used leftovers of simple wool yarn (~ 100 gr / 200-250 m) and Aida #7 canvas.  The top of the stocking is embroidered with traditional Scandinavian ornaments.

The back of the stocking is made of cotton cloth, stitched to the face and hemmed.


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Snow scenery cross stitch pattern

It’s winter again making the world outside my window quite cold and very snowy. And though the picture there is not idyllic in any way, I decided to put some additional joy into the holiday season. Today’s free cross stitch pattern is a snow scenery with big snow covered tree and a simple thatched cottage.

The pattern is moderately big and is not recommended for beginners.

Stitch count: 150 x 100, 28 colors
Snow scenery cross stitch pattern
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Looking for Christmas cross stitch charts?
Christmas pack of cross stitch patterns
Christmas pack of small patterns – 2

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Christmas pack of small patterns – 2

Do you remember the Christmas patterns that I posted a couple of weeks ago? Here are some more small cross stitch ornaments to decorate your home and presents.

The pack contains

  • Christmas candy cane pattern
  • Christmas/New Year tree decoration (red ball) pattern
  • Angel pattern
  • Bells and holly pattern

All the patterns in the pack are small and can be stitched even by children.

! Download free Chirstmas pack of cross stitch patterns

Christmas pack of cross stitch patterns

Do you enjoy Christmas season? To be honest I never knew what it’s like until my first visit to the US during December. Now I know that Christmas is not only presents and decorated trees, but also candles everywhere, a subtle smell of cinnamon, and infinite Christmas songs on every radio station (Let it snow, let it snow. let it….). Oh, we do have all of that back home, but quite in a different degree 🙂

If you want to make something special for this Christmas, try decorating the presents (or anything else) with the patterns from my Christmas pack. The patterns in this pack are small and simple, and suitable for nearly every surface you can cross stitch on. There are four patterns in this pack: holly with red berries, Christmas tree, a present with ribbon and a poinsettia. (Click More to download)

And yes, it is never too early to start preparations for The Season!

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