Rune Ehwaz (horse) cross stitch pattern

Rune Ehwaz free cross stitch pattern

First of all I want to thank all of my readers, who responded to the recent poll about your favourite cross stitch motifs. It seems for now, that most of you love to cross stitch flowers 🙂 Oh, I love them too! so on the coming week I promise to make a flower freebie for you.

Meanwhile today’s free patterns is once again a Norse rune.

Rune Ehwaz cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 36w X 49h stitches, 7 colors

Rune Ehwaz free cross stitch pattern

Ehwaz stands for a horse, and literally that rune means transport, transportation, or a vehicle. Symbolically it means more than that, of course, mostly being the rune of movement, steady flow of progress in your life. Ehwaz can be seen as an opposite to Isa.
Ehwaz is a sign that you will get results in your long and thorough work.
A horse is also a very loyal friend and companion, thus Ehwaz can mean a firm friendship or a lasting relationship/marriage. The tree for this rune is a (horse) chestnut

Raidho rune (the Quest) cross stitch pattern

Raidho rune free cross stitch pattern

Last rune made a great milestone: half of all Elder Futark runes were completed into cross stitch patterns. So, for now. you can find patterns Fehu, Thurisaz, Kenaz, Gebo, Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Isa, Perthro, Algiz, Tiwaz, Laguz and Othala here in our store! And today I’m starting the second half, and I make a pinky promise to you to complete the whole series soon. It is going to be a great quest! And, speaking of quests, today’s pick is

Raidho rune cross stitch pattern

Raidho is one of the runes that all readers agree on: it’s primary meaning is the journey, and that may mean both physical travels (that makes Raidho a traveller’s good luck charm) and metaphorical quests of our lives. It is an evolution in motion, a rule to move if we want to change and become a better person. It is also a talisman that helps to see your path clearly and not get distracted by obstacles.

Raidho rune free cross stitch pattern

Rune Algiz cross stitch pattern

Rune Algiz free cross stitch pattern

Today’s freebie will be another pattern in the runic series. Many thanks to Maria for stimulating me to return to that (unfinished) work through comments 🙂

This time the runes chose to show me Algiz – quite a mystic rune, because, as far as Wikipedia goes, people are nor sure of its name or true meaning, But we will settle for common name of Algiz, that stands for Elk.

Rune Algiz cross stitch pattern

Algiz Rune - free cross stitch pattern

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Easter eggs patterns pack – Tuesday freebie

Easter eggs free patterns pack from Happy Stitch

It’s Easter patterns time! So for all of you who are looking for free decorative designs, here is a pack of four patterns with four different Easter eggs. All patterns are of the same size (quite small) and very easy to stitch, and can be stitched separately or together.

The pack consists of four separate PDF files, complete with patterns and color charts, combined in one zip archive.

Easter eggs patterns pack – Tuesday freebie

Easter eggs free patterns pack from Happy StitchПриближается Пасха! И если вы ищете, что бы вышить к этому замечательному празднику, как раз для вас мой новый комплект из четырех схем с разноцветными пасхальными яичками. Все схемы – одинакового размера, поэтому их можно вышивать не только по отдельности, но и вместе (квадратом, как у меня на картинке, или линией, чередуя).

В комплекте – четыре файла в формате PDF с черно-белой схемой и списком необходимых нитей DMC. Впрочем, вы вольны выбрать и другие цвета по своему вкусу.

“Пасхальные яички” – коллекция схем для вышивки

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Fairy alphabet – list of all available charts

Fairy alphabet free cross stitch patterns - full list

Fairy alphabet free cross stitch patterns - full list

For all who like my “Fairy alphabet” charts, here is a helpful list of all charts I already made. So now you won’t have to browse through the whole blog to find what you need 🙂

And don’t forget, that requests for the next letters are highly appreciated! 🙂

Fairy alphabet: full list of letter chartsБесплатные авторские схемы для вышивки крестом Волшебный алфавит

Для тех, кто заинтересовался моей коллекцией схем из серии “Волшебный алфавит”, на этой странице представлен полный список букв, которые уже можно скачать (смотрите по ссылкам).

Серия “Волшебный алфавит” – это небольшие схемы с буквами английского алфавита в нежных пастельных тонах, на которых каждую буковку защищает маленькая фея. Радужные цвета, цветы и волшебная дымка – вот основная идея этой авторской коллекции, которая наверняка понравится девочкам и девушкам любого возраста 🙂 Все феи на схемах разные!

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Happy Easter cross stitch sampler

Inspired by all beautiful samplers on Pinterest: “Happy Easter” sampler (maybe not exactly a sampler, but something very similar) with easter eggs, chickens and tulips. I made it in red, but it can be embroidered with any color you like.

I never did samplers before, this one is the very first and I hope you will like it!

Happy Easter cross stitch sampler

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Stitch count: 80 x 80 stitches, 1 color.

Interested in Easter cross stitch patterns? Take a look at “Easter eggs” chart or browse the easter tag![

Easter eggs cross stitch pattern

Would you believe if I told you that I totally forgot about upcoming Easter? Well, so I did, and only got suspicious with the sudden increase of the amount of people searching for Easter patterns 🙂 So here is a little something with Easter eggs and flowers (based on an image from the Web).

Easter eggs cross stitch pattern

Easter eggs cross stitch chart

! Download Easter eggs cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 64w x 79h stitches, 12 colors

Did you know? In software development an Easter egg is a hidden message, often a inside joke. Even some versions of Microsoft Office have Easter eggs in them! Удивительно, но за празднованием всех весенних праздников (не исключая моего любимого – сегодняшнего Дня Кошки) я совершенно забыла про то, что уже довольно скоро наступит Пасха. На смутные подозрения меня навело только внезапно увеличившееся число посетителей блога, ищущих пасхальные схемы для вышивки 🙂

Схема для вышивки “Пасхальные яйца”

Схема для вышивки Пасхальные яйца

! Скачать схему для вышивки “Пасхальные яйца”

Размер: 64 x 79 крестиков, 12 цветов

А знаете ли вы, что в программном обеспечении “пасхальными яйцами” называется спрятанная (но достижимая) незадокументированная особенность программы (шутка, ссылка на веб-страницу или мини-игра)? Говорят, что название пришло из детской игры, в которой участники должны найти как можно больше спрятанных пасхальных яиц.

Leprechaun hat cross stitch pattern

How about a guessing game? Be first to write down in comments the holiday that my cross stitch chart is dedicated to, and win a chance to choose the theme for my next pattern 🙂

The pattern for today is Leprechaun Hat: nice, small and easy, with lots of different greens.
Stitch count: 39w X 34h stitches, 8 colors.

Leprechaun hat cross stitch chart

! Download free Leprechaun hat cross stitch chart

So, are you ready to name the holiday?Для всех, кто любит ирландскую культуру – небольшая схема для вышивки крестом ко дню святого Патрика: зеленая шляпа лепрекона с пряжкой и листком клевера. Схема маленькая, поэтому вышить ее будет совсем нетрудно.

Размер: 39 X 34 крестиков, 8 цветов.

Шляпа лепрекона - схема для вышивки крестиком

! Скачать бесплатную схему для вышивки крестом “Шляпа лепрекона”

А любопытные могут заглянуть в архивы блога, чтобы посмотреть на тэмари с ирландским колоритом 🙂

Rune Tiwaz (Altruism) cross stitch chart

Today I will continue the series of inspirational runic cross stitch patterns (see Fehu rune and Kenaz rune patterns).

The Tiwaz rune has several symbolic meanings, among them justice, self-sacrifice and altruism. It is the rune of the god Tyr, who is most known for giving his name to  Tuesday (‘Týr’s day’). In Norse mythology, Týr sacrifices his arm to the monstrous wolf Fenrir, who bites off his limb while the gods bind the animal.

This small pattern is easy to stitch even if you are a beginner.
Stitch count: 36W x 49H
Colors: 8

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Funny Bunny cross stitch chart

People often confuse rabbits with hares. Biologists say, that the main difference between a hare and a bunny is that the former is not attached to its territory and can’t be domesticated. That is why I’m sure that there was a bunny on the picture I converted into this pattern. It looks really domestic 🙂

A bunny is a traditional Easter symbol in US and Europe (by the way, Wikipedia says that Easter Bunny was an Easter Hare in medieval times), so this chart will pattern can make not only a playroom decoration, but a great Easter present.

Download Funny Bunny cross stitch pattern

Stitch count: 70w X 100h
Colors: 13