Fairy alphabet – list of all available charts

Fairy alphabet free cross stitch patterns - full list

Fairy alphabet free cross stitch patterns - full list

For all who like my “Fairy alphabet” charts, here is a helpful list of all charts I already made. So now you won’t have to browse through the whole blog to find what you need 🙂

And don’t forget, that requests for the next letters are highly appreciated! 🙂

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Rune Laguz (water, intuition) cross stitch chart

The primary meaning of Laguz is water. Water was very controversial for the Vikings being very dangerous yet giving life (irrigation and fish). That is why Laguz often means life, birth and new beginnings.

Rune Laguz (water) cross stitch chart

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Stitch count: 39 x 46 stitches, 9 colors

Deeper meaning of Laguz is the Flow, artistic inspiration, intuition and unconscious wisdom. This rune with its ability of multiplying creation powers can make a good present for any creative person. But you should be very careful with Laguz (as well as with any other rune), because it also means dark and hidden sides of your subconsciousness. Don’t get carried away with your imagination!

Laguz is also said to be a very feminine rune. It gives the woman a strength to get through any obstacles in life.

If you got to this page while randomly browsing the Web, than maybe Laguz is trying to tell you that you should relax and go with the flow of your life.

I chose a weeping willow as a symbolic tree for this pattern, because it grows only near water and is often associated with a woman.

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Happy Easter cross stitch sampler

Inspired by all beautiful samplers on Pinterest: “Happy Easter” sampler (maybe not exactly a sampler, but something very similar) with easter eggs, chickens and tulips. I made it in red, but it can be embroidered with any color you like.

I never did samplers before, this one is the very first and I hope you will like it!

Happy Easter cross stitch sampler

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Stitch count: 80 x 80 stitches, 1 color.

Interested in Easter cross stitch patterns? Take a look at “Easter eggs” chart or browse the easter tag!

Rune Isa (ice) cross stitch chart

One more rune for all Norse-loving cross stitchers and the fifth rune in my Elder Futhark runic series. Last time I wrote a little about how I choose runes for the next pattern, so today I only want to point out that every time I draw a rune it happens to be just the right rune for my today’s mood and/or situation.

So today it is Isa – the Ice, the simplest rune of Norse alphabet. This is the rune of stability and stagnation, but mostly (and what is more important) – the symbol for the potential underneath the seemingly sound surface (like living water under thick winter ice). So it means not only the period of a standstill, but also the progress you will make after it. The second meaning of Isa is clarity. When you’ve come to a dead-end, try to clarify your mind, strip everything needless and distracting and look at your goals once again.

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Easter eggs cross stitch pattern

Would you believe if I told you that I totally forgot about upcoming Easter? Well, so I did, and only got suspicious with the sudden increase of the amount of people searching for Easter patterns 🙂 So here is a little something with Easter eggs and flowers (based on an image from the Web).

Easter eggs cross stitch pattern

Easter eggs cross stitch chart

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Stitch count: 64w x 79h stitches, 12 colors

Did you know? In software development an Easter egg is a hidden message, often a inside joke. Even some versions of Microsoft Office have Easter eggs in them!

Leprechaun hat cross stitch pattern

How about a guessing game? Be first to write down in comments the holiday that my cross stitch chart is dedicated to, and win a chance to choose the theme for my next pattern 🙂

The pattern for today is Leprechaun Hat: nice, small and easy, with lots of different greens.
Stitch count: 39w X 34h stitches, 8 colors.

Leprechaun hat cross stitch chart

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So, are you ready to name the holiday?

Othala, the property – rune cross stitch pattern

Othala, one of the last runes in the Futark and the rune of homeland and legacy is the rune for today and the fourth rune in Happy Stitch Runic series. As always, it is made into a small and simple cross-stich design that can make a nice decoration or a special gift.

Othala rune cross stitch chart

! Download free Othala rune cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 36w x 49h, 7 colors

Curious how I choose the runes for making my designs? Nice and easy! A friend once presented me with a bag of runes carved in leather. When I feel like making something Nordic I simple take one random piece out of this bag. This rune gives me inspiration for the new pattern.

So today I pulled out Othala: the property. Don’t confuse it with Fehu that also means wealth, but in a different way. While Fehu is a business rune of the wealth you gain by your work, Othala means property of your ancestors: something you inherit. And not only that, it also means home (and homeland): something that defines who you are and where you stand. In a more occult way it can represent your inner self. As it is said to be a rune connected with Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, I chose ash tree as the supporting symbol on this pattern.

Present this rune to someone in need of
Buying or renting property
Protecting family legacy
Reuniting the family

There is yet another meaning to Othala that I found only in one source. The source read that this rune also means crossroads and hard decisions. If you read runes, please tell me if it is true or not. Thanks!