Rune Isa (ice) cross stitch chart

One more rune for all Norse-loving cross stitchers and the fifth rune in my Elder Futhark runic series. Last time I wrote a little about how I choose runes for the next pattern, so today I only want to point out that every time I draw a rune it happens to be just the right rune for my today’s mood and/or situation.

So today it is Isa – the Ice, the simplest rune of Norse alphabet. This is the rune of stability and stagnation, but mostly (and what is more important) – the symbol for the potential underneath the seemingly sound surface (like living water under thick winter ice). So it means not only the period of a standstill, but also the progress you will make after it. The second meaning of Isa is clarity. When you’ve come to a dead-end, try to clarify your mind, strip everything needless and distracting and look at your goals once again.

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Easter eggs cross stitch pattern

Would you believe if I told you that I totally forgot about upcoming Easter? Well, so I did, and only got suspicious with the sudden increase of the amount of people searching for Easter patterns 🙂 So here is a little something with Easter eggs and flowers (based on an image from the Web).

Easter eggs cross stitch pattern

Easter eggs cross stitch chart

! Download Easter eggs cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 64w x 79h stitches, 12 colors

Did you know? In software development an Easter egg is a hidden message, often a inside joke. Even some versions of Microsoft Office have Easter eggs in them!

Leprechaun hat cross stitch pattern

How about a guessing game? Be first to write down in comments the holiday that my cross stitch chart is dedicated to, and win a chance to choose the theme for my next pattern 🙂

The pattern for today is Leprechaun Hat: nice, small and easy, with lots of different greens.
Stitch count: 39w X 34h stitches, 8 colors.

Leprechaun hat cross stitch chart

! Download free Leprechaun hat cross stitch chart

So, are you ready to name the holiday?

Othala, the property – rune cross stitch pattern

Othala, one of the last runes in the Futark and the rune of homeland and legacy is the rune for today and the fourth rune in Happy Stitch Runic series. As always, it is made into a small and simple cross-stich design that can make a nice decoration or a special gift.

Othala rune cross stitch chart

! Download free Othala rune cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 36w x 49h, 7 colors

Curious how I choose the runes for making my designs? Nice and easy! A friend once presented me with a bag of runes carved in leather. When I feel like making something Nordic I simple take one random piece out of this bag. This rune gives me inspiration for the new pattern.

So today I pulled out Othala: the property. Don’t confuse it with Fehu that also means wealth, but in a different way. While Fehu is a business rune of the wealth you gain by your work, Othala means property of your ancestors: something you inherit. And not only that, it also means home (and homeland): something that defines who you are and where you stand. In a more occult way it can represent your inner self. As it is said to be a rune connected with Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, I chose ash tree as the supporting symbol on this pattern.

Present this rune to someone in need of
Buying or renting property
Protecting family legacy
Reuniting the family

There is yet another meaning to Othala that I found only in one source. The source read that this rune also means crossroads and hard decisions. If you read runes, please tell me if it is true or not. Thanks!

Rune Tiwaz (Altruism) cross stitch chart

Today I will continue the series of inspirational runic cross stitch patterns (see Fehu rune and Kenaz rune patterns).

The Tiwaz rune has several symbolic meanings, among them justice, self-sacrifice and altruism. It is the rune of Thor (Tyr) – the one-handed god of war, whom the world best knows from Marvel comic books. Thor is not only the war god, but much more the god of Justice (the Norse believed that sometimes justice can be achieved only through battle). The legend says that Thor sacrificed his right hand to bind Fenris (the wolf that is said to bring the end of the world).

This small pattern is easy to stitch even if you are a beginner.
Stitch count: 36W x 49H
Colors: 8

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Funny Bunny cross stitch chart

People often confuse rabbits with hares. Biologists say, that the main difference between a hare and a bunny is that the former is not attached to its territory and can’t be domesticated. That is why I’m sure that there was a bunny on the picture I converted into this pattern. It looks really domestic 🙂

A bunny is a traditional Easter symbol in US and Europe (by the way, Wikipedia says that Easter Bunny was an Easter Hare in medieval times), so this chart will pattern can make not only a playroom decoration, but a great Easter present.

Download Funny Bunny cross stitch pattern

Stitch count: 70w X 100h
Colors: 13

More holiday cross stitch patterns: Christmas patterns, Halloween patterns

Halloween witch cross stitch pattern

“Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn, and caldron bubble”

William Shakespeare

Just as I promised in the previous Halloween post, here is a pattern that is bigger and more complicated. The witch on a broomstick is a tradition symbol of Halloween since Middle ages. It is believed, that on the night before All Saint Day all witches gather to a great ball, where they show their skills and dance and do magic. There are some black cats and bats involved too 🙂

Beware of this green-eyed witch, for only mischief is on her mind. While the moon is full she will do anything she pleases…

(Click more for the download link.)

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Halloween cross stitch patterns pack

Okay, okay, I got carried away in my previous Christmas post. Here is a little present for all of you looking for pumpkins and broomsticks: a Halloween patterns pack. Use these small patterns for stand-alone presents or for decorating. The patterns are really simple: average stitch count is 45×45 and less than 10 colors, thus easy to cross-stitch even for a child.

And yes, I hope to make also a Halloween temari 🙂

There are five patterns in the pack:
– a pumpkin,
– an old tomb,
– a bat,
– a spider,
– and a black cat

(Click more to see the download link)
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Rune Fehu (Cattle) – prosperity (cross stitch pattern)

The second rune in runic cross stitch patterns series is Fehu, or the Cattle, the symbol of wealth and prosperity. This rune is the first Futhark rune and also its last one. In a wider sense Fehu can also mean emotional gain or a better reputation.

Fehu can protect your valuable things and feelings, grant wealth and fulfill you wishes, but you have to be responsible and be ready to pay the price of your dreams (the mystical Price is the second meaning of Fehu). In the pattern for the rune I made apple leaves and fruits in the upper corners as a farther symbol of prosperity.

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Christmas pack of cross stitch patterns

Do you enjoy Christmas season? To be honest I never knew what it’s like until my first visit to the US during December. Now I know that Christmas is not only presents and decorated trees, but also candles everywhere, a subtle smell of cinnamon, and infinite Christmas songs on every radio station (Let it snow, let it snow. let it….). Oh, we do have all of that back home, but quite in a different degree 🙂

If you want to make something special for this Christmas, try decorating the presents (or anything else) with the patterns from my Christmas pack. The patterns in this pack are small and simple, and suitable for nearly every surface you can cross stitch on. There are four patterns in this pack: holly with red berries, Christmas tree, a present with ribbon and a poinsettia. (Click More to download)

And yes, it is never too early to start preparations for The Season!

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