Pink vintage rose cross stitch pattern

Vintage pink rose free cross stitch pattern

Hi everybody! I didn’t post anything yesterday, but today I’m making up for it and posting yet another flower pattern. It is based on a Victorian drawing of a pink rose, and is a great addition to my collection of vintage flower patterns.

Pink vintage rose cross stitch pattern
Size: 95w X 200h stitches (appr 17.24 X 36.29 cm on #14 canvas), 25 colors

Vintage pink rose free cross stitch pattern

! Download Vintage pink rose free cross stitch pattern Included in the zip file: jpg picture as above, gif image chart, pdf chart and a color guide.

Last time I counted my patterns and decided that this is going to be the #100 – but today I found out that I actually already made over a hundred different cross stitch patterns. Seems like someone here is not good at counting…. 🙂

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Pink rose on black cross stitch chart

Pink rose on black cross stitch chart

When I found this photo, I instantly wanted to turn it into a cross stitch pattern. Though I’m not a big fan of roses, being more into something simpler, like peonies, chrysanthemums or sunflowers, this particular rose is very nice and tender.

Use a darker shade of canvas for more effect.

The pattern itself is quite similar to my earlier Lotus flower chart.

Pink rose on black cross stitch chart

Pink rose on black cross stitch chart

Size: 132w X 79h Stitches, 23.95w X 14.33h cm on 14 Count
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Two vintage roses cross stitch chart

These beautiful flowers are continuing the vintage theme that I like so much. The chart is made from a vintage picture of two pink roses.
Two vintage roses chart is quite complicated due to the number of similar colors in it. If you are a beginner, be prepared! 🙂

Two vintage roses cross stitch chart
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Lotus flower cross stitch chart

The sacred Indian lotus, or Nelumbo nucifera, is one of the most beautiful aquatic plants in the world. It is often confused with water lily (Egyptian lotus), and to be honest, before making this chart I also thought this plants came from the same family 🙂 But as far as Wikipedia told me, the only flower that can be referred to as lotus, is this one.

Lotus flower cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 96 x 96 stitches, 26 colors. Best done on dark canvas.

Lotus flower cross stitch chart

Download Lotus flower cross stitch chart

Indian lotus is (surprise!) the national flower of India and also Vietnam. It symbolizes non-attachment, purity and beauty. The Indian name for lotus is Padma.

Besides its cultural and religious uses, lotus is also cooked and eaten in many different ways. Young flowers and rootlets are pickled, dried petals make herbal tea, stems are used in salads. In cooking a lotus it is very important to use the right flower. If you can’t tell water lily from a lotus, be aware, that some species of lilies contain an alkaloid that has effects of a psychedelic aphrodisiac. But my website is about needlework and not cooking, so be sure that it is completely safe to download and stitch this free lotus cross stitch pattern.

Vintage Tulip

As you could already guess, I’m really deep into vintage drawings of flowers, herbs, and fruits. Today I picked a 17th century watercolor of a beautiful variegated tulip.

It was drawn at the time of the so-called Tulip mania, when tulip bulbs were more expensive that gold itself, and the species from the original image, Semper Augustus, was the most expensive of all. Its exotic mosaic color, that is a result of Tulip breaking virus, made it a piece of luxury for medieval merchants, thus the price was growing rapidly. The tulip economic bubble bursted in 1637, but still lives in painting and books of the period.

Vintage tulip (Semper Augustus) cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 122 x 248 stitches, 22 colors

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Vintage yellow iris chart

The iris tales its name from the Greek word for rainbow because of the many colors of different irises. There are around 300 species of this plant! Today’s chart is based on a beautiful vintage painting of a yellow Iris germanica, a very common garden flower. if you liked my Vintage peony chart, than you are sure to enjoy this one too!

The chart is relatively big and uses a lot of close colors, so I would recommend it for patient stitchers. Try using colored canvas to make the finished embroidery even more vintage!

Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 103w x 207h stitches, 27 colors

Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

! Download Vintage yellow iris cross stitch chart

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Did you know? In Greek mythology Iris was the messenger goddess, that linked gods and humans. She was the personification of rainbow (thus the name) and was often depicted as a winged young girl.

Two square cushion (pincusion) patterns

Following the last biscornu tutorial: two small symmetrical patterns that can be used to make a biscornu pincushion. And if you use bigger canvas and wool, you can make beautiful pillow cases using the same patterns.

Both charts are small and beginner-friendly.

Oriental ornament chart
The blue and green palette on this chart is inspired by middle-Eastern ornaments. Being a mathematician, I am really an ornament person, enjoying geometry in every possible way. That is one of the thing that I like in Temari as well.

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Valentine’s Day flower

Valentine's Day Heart Plant

Valentine’s Day is only in three weeks, but you still have time to make a nice embroidery for your loved one.

Today’s pattern, Valentine’s Day flower, is a blooming plant with red hearts for flowers in a simple pot. The size of the finished embroidery (73 * 152 mm or 2.9 * 6 inches with Aida #14) makes it suitable for decorating a hand-made postcard.

Valentine's Day Flower Plant cross stitch chart

Download free Valentine’s Day Flower pattern

Stitch count: 38w x 82h, 12 colors

Vintage apple and cherries cross stitch pattern

A nice piece for someone looking for Victorian decorative art cross stitch patterns. This chart is made from a nice vintage picture of an apple with red cherries, like the peony on previous week. Many thanks to maestro Giacomo Puccini and “La Boheme” for providing proper creative atmosphere 🙂

This chart is free to download (use the link under the picture), but I would recommend it only for experienced stitchers.

> Download Vintage apple and cherries cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 101W x 147H
Colors: 20

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