Halloween temari ball

How to make a Halloween temari

This nice thematic Halloween ball is really easy to make even if you are a temari newbie, just follow the steps of the tutorial. (Tip: You can use the ball that is not perfectly round)

Colors and materials: 8 colors (orange, dark orange and beige for the pumpkin, two different greens for the leaf, black and red for the spider and gray for the web); dark orange or brown sewing thread

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How to make a temari base

As far as you probably already know, temari means handball (te-mari) in japanese, and the ball part here is as important as the hand part. When you make your own mari remember that the preparatory stage (making the mari and marking it) is even more important than the stage when you actually start stitching. Keep that in mind while you work.

Materials for the mari:
– The filler material
– Plastic grocery bag (optional)
– Soft yarn (optional)
– Thin sewing thread

1. The filler material
Inside every temari is its core – its heart. In old days in Japan girls used kimono pieces, nowadays the most common advice will tell you to make mari out of used stockings. I prefer to use softer materials like stuffed toys/pillows filler or the remains of the threads I used on my previous embroideries. Как вы, наверное, уже знаете, тэмари по-японски означает “ручной шар”. Когда вы делаете собственный тэмари, особенно поначалу, не забывайте про слово “шар”. На самом деле, предварительный этап, когда вы делаете основу для мари и размечаете ее, даже более важен, чем собственно вышивка. Именно из-за неровного шара или неаккуратной разметки может расплыться весь конечный рисунок.

Материалы для тэмари
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