Calico cat temari

As many of you already noticed, I love cats. Apart from having two cat-themed websites, I also make cross-stitch charts of cats and draw pictures of them. So recently I also made a cat temari. The pattern on this mari is purely original 🙂

Calico cat temari

In Japan it is widely believed, that calico cats (maneki neko) bring good luck and fortune. I hope that this little kitty will bring some luck my way 🙂 More images in the gallery: Continue reading “Calico cat temari”

Double red triangles temari

This temari is inspired with Nordic designs in Bethesda’s Skyrim game, that my husband plays these days. I used only two colors here: the ball itself, marking and highlights are made in white, with red as the contrasting second color. On each side of the ball is one bigger triangle (interweaving with other big triangles neat the poles) and one smaller triangle inscribed in it.

Division: C8

Red triangles temari

More images of the Double red triangles temari in the gallery (warning: cat inside!) Continue reading “Double red triangles temari”

Christmas tree temari

Just a photo from last years’ Christmas, when I used some of my temari balls as decorations.

Christmas temari ball

Though it’s not the way they are intended to be used, I am always looking for some practical implementations of my crafts. As for now, I tried temari in earrings (the masterpiece I am proud of!) and curtain holders.

What do you do with your temari balls?

Halloween spider temari

Halloween temari balls

Halloween spider temariThis week I made free-stitched Halloween temari ball. No complicated markings, that have to be measured up to fractions of an inch – only creative desire! 🙂 If you look closer, you will be able to find a division here (an S8 to be precise), but it serves only as a guideline to make stitching easier.

The spider is stitched in spindle stitch, the web in swirls, and the leaves on top are made in a classical kiku pattern. The spiders’ eyes are four red French knots (there should be six, said my observant husband).

More images in the gallery: Continue reading “Halloween spider temari”

Temari earrings

Temari earringsI’ve tried several times to find a practical implementation for my temari passion. As for now, I’ve made temari for interior design, temari for Halloween and Christmas, and here is yet another thing you could do with small temari balls.

So here are my newly made silver earrings with two temari pendants.

I had some tribal patterns in mind, with purple and green being the basic colors, when making these particular balls. They may look big on photos, but actually they are only about an inch in diameter and weight 4,5 grams each.

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Black temari with fans

I’m not sure, that this pattern is really about fans, but anyway this black temari looks nice in it 🙂 It’s really simple and made with the basic kiku stitches. All eight sides of the balls are different in color.
Black temari with colored fans

It is the first temari that my cat not only payed attention to, but actually stole and tried to hide somewhere. Cats!

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Green-orange kiku temari

I picked the idea for this mari from my summer workshop sensei. The design is a very simple modified kiku pattern with kiku “petals” varying in length.

Green modified kiku temari

This is the first temari I embroidered in thin satin thread, which was quite a challenge in itself. Anyway the result was worth it! More images: Continue reading “Green-orange kiku temari”