Dream! A flying cat free pattern – and some words about my life

Dream on flying cat free cross stitch pattern

Hey everybody,

Did you miss me?

It seems that I haven’t posted for almost a year now. Did they tell you that life with a kid gets easier with time? Well, it’s not exactly true. Now I have a toddler on my hands (quite an active one), and oh how I miss those beautiful days when he had naps three times a day and went to bed at 6 am!

But then there is a bright side – I feel as creative as ever, and if I find just a handful of time, I create (and create, and create, and…. zzzzz……). There is a load of new designs in my Etsy shop, do check them out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/HappyStitchNet !

One more new thing too. Soon all my designs featured on Etsy chill also be available to be purchased and downloaded directly from this blog. Wait for the official announcement!

And here is a freebie pattern for every cat lover out there 🙂

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New cat patterns in my Etsy shop

Great cat mother cross stitch pattern

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a cat lover. Even worse, I’m the kind of girl that shouts “Hey kitty-kitty” and tries to make friends with every cat in sight… Anyway, here are some of my newest cat designs!

Folk cat sampler cross stitch pattern

Great cat mother cross stitch pattern

Cat angel cross stitch pattern

Cat dreams cross sttitch pattern

All designs are available in my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/HappyStitchNet


Punk Projects Challenge: Week 5, animals

I Love Cats primitive free cross stitch sampler

If you spent some time here on my blog, you definitely know my favourite animal. Yes, I love cats. And that is exactly the line that I put on the cross stitch sampler pattern that is going to become my second project for the Punk Projects Craft Challenge.

The pattern (as most of my cross stitch patterns here) is absolutely free. Scroll down to download full pattern in printable PDF format.

I Love Cats primitive cross stitch sampler
Pattern size: 66 x 100 stitches

I Love Cats primitive cross stitch sampler

Pick of the Week: free black cat patterns

Free cat cross stitch patterns

Welcome to Happy Stitch’s new Pick of the Week category. With so many beautiful patterns around I feel that I just have to feature them somewhere 🙂 So basically Pick of the Week is going to be about roundups of cross stitch patterns of other (amazing) designers arranged into thematical collections. I decided to start with cats, because black cats bring good luck, right? 🙂

Pick of the Week: free black cat patterns

Free cat cross stitch patterns

Where to download:

The Kells cat cross stitch pattern

The Kells cat free cross stitch pattern

Today I’ve looked through loads of photos, but decided to make a pattern based on my own drawing (again: previously I made the Turtle Island, Maneki-neko and the jazz cat with bass). It will again be a cat, probably because somewhere inside of me is a crazy cat lady dying to get out.

This pattern, as well as the source picture, is heavily inspired by the art from the Book of Kells. The artwork and illumination of this medieval manuscript is fantastic! I strongly recommend to look it up on Google (or to visit Dublin’s Trinity College, where it is displayed).

The Kells cat (with a bird)
Size: 121*170 stitches, 8 colors.

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(Yet another) Maneki-neko cross stitch chart

Smiling maneki-neko cross stitch chart

Today I made another cross stitch pattern based on my own drawing (the previous being the Turtle Island pattern). It is another chart of Japanese lucky cat maneki-neko, that is said to bring fortune and happiness, as well as a bunch of other good things 🙂 With this pattern I wish luck to all of you, and hope that it will brighten your day! 🙂

Maneki-neko cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 84 X 95 stitches, 8 colors (appr. 15 x 17 cm on #14 canvas)

Smiling maneki-neko cross stitch chart На сегодняшней схеме для вышивки изображена счастливая японская кошка “манэки-нэко” (дословно – “манящая” или “зовущая” кошка). На востоке считается, что такие кошки приманивают в дом богатство и удачу. Так что этой схемой я желаю всем вам, дорогие читатели, удачи и счастья!

Схема для вышивки “Счастливая кошка”
Размер: 84 X 95 крестиков, 8 цветов (примерно 15 x 17 см на канве #14)

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Calico cat temari

As many of you already noticed, I love cats. Apart from having two cat-themed websites, I also make cross-stitch charts of cats and draw pictures of them. So recently I also made a cat temari. The pattern on this mari is purely original 🙂

Calico cat temari

In Japan it is widely believed, that calico cats (maneki neko) bring good luck and fortune. I hope that this little kitty will bring some luck my way 🙂 More images in the gallery: Как многие из вас, наверное, заметили, я люблю животных, в частности – кошек. Помимо того, что у меня есть пара сайтов, посвященных кошкам, я еще делаю и размещаю здесь кото-схемы для вышивки крестиком. Поэтому неудивительно, что и в тэмари я привнесла свою любовь – и сделала шарик с изображением кошачьей мордочки.

Тэмари манэки-нэко (кошка)

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Black big-eyed cat silhouette cross stitch pattern

A big-eyed cat on this pattern is an addition to my growing collection of black silhouetted charts. Ah yes, I promise, that I will do something more colorful next time 🙂 But as for today – enjoy this tribute to the past Halloween.

Black big-eyed cat silhouette cross stitch pattern

Cat silhoette cross stitch pattern

Глазастый котик на ветке дерева – простая и легкая схема для вышивки для всех любителей кошек (как я 🙂 ) Готовая вышивка станет отлчиным украшением интерьера или хорошим подарком знакомой кошатнице.

Схема для вышивки “Глазастый кот”

Схема для вышивки крестом Глазастый кот

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Three temari balls (and a cat)

Three temari balls (and a cat)

Sorry friends, no new temari balls this week. But to entertain you a bit, here is a “find the cat” photo.
Can you spot the cat helping me in my work? 🙂

Three temari balls (and a cat)

Three temari balls (and a cat)Немного развлечения на скучный день четверга: фотография из серии “найди кота” 🙂 Найдите кота, который помогает мне фотографировать шарики тэмари!

Three temari balls (and a cat)

Three temari balls (and a cat)