Temari with blue five-pointed stars

Blue stars C10 temari

This is the first temari I made on C10 division. Apart from the division itself, the pattern is extremely easy – both inner and outer pentagons are made with masu stitches, tucked at the center of each side to look like stars.

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Double red triangles temari

This temari is inspired with Nordic designs in Bethesda’s Skyrim game, that my husband plays these days. I used only two colors here: the ball itself, marking and highlights are made in white, with red as the contrasting second color. On each side of the ball is one bigger triangle (interweaving with other big triangles neat the poles) and one smaller triangle inscribed in it.

Division: C8

Red triangles temari

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Common division types in temari marking

S8 marked temariBefore you start stitching a pattern on your mari you have to mark it into a division.

The process of marking is one of the most dull and yet important steps in making a good temari. The geometrical beauty of the finished ball depends directly on the preciseness of your marking (in web-design I would add !important modifier to every word, but in text I’ll stick to bold letters).

Marking is made with marking threads (jiwari), that are traditionally metallic, but can also be the same as design treads. You can even make the division invisible (but non inexistent!) by using the thread similar in color to the ball base.

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