Rune Uruz cross stitch pattern

Uruz rune free cross stitch pattern by Happy Stitch

One more rune and one step closer to completing the runic series. The list of runes to adapt is getting smaller and I still have time to finish every pattern this summer, as promised 🙂

Today’s rune is Uruz.

Uruz rune free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 36 x 49 stitches

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Rune Mannaz (Man, Humanity) cross stitch pattern

Rune Mannaz (Man, Humanity) free cross stitch pattern

You know what? I suddenly remembered, that I promised to complete the Runic patterns series by the end of the summer. And it seems that time is running out quicklier, than I could have expected. So, for now it is fifteen runes completed and nine runes to go. 🙂

And today my wonderful runic sack presented me with the Mannaz.

Rune Mannaz (Man, Humanity) free cross stitch pattern
Pattern size: 36w X 49h stitches (and when stitched it will look something like this)

Rune Mannaz (Man, Humanity) free cross stitch pattern

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Finally did it! The Mayan Turtle embroidery :)

The Mayan Turtle embroidery

Ahhh yes, it’s so nice to make the last stitch in a project. Especially for a slow stitcher like myself. But yesterday I finally finished embroidering the Mayan Turtle for my new cushion!

The Mayan Turtle embroidery

The embroidery is made with woolen thread, and though there is a color guide in the original chart, I never used it, but just chose the colors that seemed most appropriate. More photos: Continue reading “Finally did it! The Mayan Turtle embroidery :)”

Two square cushion (pincusion) patterns

Following the last biscornu tutorial: two small symmetrical patterns that can be used to make a biscornu pincushion. And if you use bigger canvas and wool, you can make beautiful pillow cases using the same patterns.

Both charts are small and beginner-friendly.

Oriental ornament chart
The blue and green palette on this chart is inspired by middle-Eastern ornaments. Being a mathematician, I am really an ornament person, enjoying geometry in every possible way. That is one of the thing that I like in Temari as well.

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Ethnic snake cross stitch cushion pattern

Today I’m adding to the collection of Mayan-inspired cross-stitch charts. The idea of this collection is heavily inspired by Mayan calendars and symbols. As an ages-old symbol of eternity the snake on this pattern is biting its tail.

You can stitch this chart with yarn to make a cushion or with cotton DMC thread to make a small ornament.

See also the previous charts in this collection: the Lizard and the Turtle.

! Download free Ethnic snake cross stitch design

Is there any other animal you wish to see in this collection?

Rune Tiwaz (Altruism) cross stitch chart

Today I will continue the series of inspirational runic cross stitch patterns (see Fehu rune and Kenaz rune patterns).

The Tiwaz rune has several symbolic meanings, among them justice, self-sacrifice and altruism. It is the rune of Thor (Tyr) – the one-handed god of war, whom the world best knows from Marvel comic books. Thor is not only the war god, but much more the god of Justice (the Norse believed that sometimes justice can be achieved only through battle). The legend says that Thor sacrificed his right hand to bind Fenris (the wolf that is said to bring the end of the world).

This small pattern is easy to stitch even if you are a beginner.
Stitch count: 36W x 49H
Colors: 8

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Rune Fehu (Cattle) – prosperity (cross stitch pattern)

The second rune in runic cross stitch patterns series is Fehu, or the Cattle, the symbol of wealth and prosperity. This rune is the first Futhark rune and also its last one. In a wider sense Fehu can also mean emotional gain or a better reputation.

Fehu can protect your valuable things and feelings, grant wealth and fulfill you wishes, but you have to be responsible and be ready to pay the price of your dreams (the mystical Price is the second meaning of Fehu). In the pattern for the rune I made apple leaves and fruits in the upper corners as a farther symbol of prosperity.

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Rune Kenaz – the Torch (inner strength)

How about some rune magic? Here is the first cross stitch pattern in the norse runic series. Today’s rune is Kenaz (the Torch) – one of the Fire Runes, the symbol of the fire that turns clay into ceramics and darkness into light.

Kenaz is good for artists, musicians, and scientists. To emphasize the strength of the rune there are oak leaves and acorns above it.

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Mayan lizard cushion chart

This pattern for making a cross-stitch cushion was heavily inspired by Mayan culture. An ethnic-styled lizard curles over the Mayan symbol for water (bottom right). It is the first in the Mayan-series cushions I designed and I even cross-stiched this one in a real cushion (photo inside!).

Mayan Lizard crosst stitch chart
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