Gingerbread man cross stitch pattern

Gingerbread man free cross stitch pattern by HappyStitch

Seems like I have not updated this blog for a couple of looong weeks 🙂 But I am already making up for it, so here is a sweet little gingerbread man for Christmas gifs and decorations.

Making gingerbread cookies for Christmas is one of my personal traditions, and the smell of gingerbread dough is one of my favourite Christmas memories 🙂

Gingerbread man free cross stitch pattern

Pattern size: 40 x 49 stitches
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Three wedding patterns cross stitch pack

One more wedding-themed chart and I’ll stick back to flowers, I promise! I don’t even know why I’m so much into weddings this summer 🙂 Anyway, here is a pack of three small cross stitch patterns, that can be used on nearly any wedding decorations, presents or invitation cards.

On my wedding we had hand-made invitations and place cards, though not cross stitched ones. What kind of DIY things you used (or wish to use) for your special day?

Three wedding patterns cross stitch pack

The pack includes wedding bells pattern, wedding couple pattern and wedding cake pattern. All patterns are based on free clip art pictures, and use not more that 10 colors. Looking for more wedding charts? Browse the posts under the ‘wedding‘ tag.

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Happy Birthday cross stitch pattern

It’s my Birthday today, so I decided to make a cross stitch card for myself. Being a slow cross stitcher I will probably finish embroidering this card just in time for my next birthday 🙂

The pattern is nice and easy, and almost square. The text is made in unique letters and decorated with a cupcake and a party hat.

“Happy Birthday!” cross stitch pattern
Stitch count: 92 x 90 stitches, 11 colors.

Happy Birthday cross stitch pattern

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Cute veggies cross stitch chart

Cute veggies pattern is following the culinary theme started with Herbs chart and Cute fruits chart. I noticed that a lot of people liked these charts, and if you were among them I am sure that you will like Cute veggies as well.

The pattern is very easy and good for beginners and unexperienced stitchers.

Cute Veggies cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 60w x 30h stitches, 8 colors (approx. 11 x 5.5 cm on #14 canvas)

Cute veggies cross stitch chart

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Please welcome Mr. Broccoli, Mr. Tomato and Mr. Carrot! Though Mr. Broccoli is smiling, but deep inside he thinks, Nobody likes me. Press like to let him know it isn’t true!

Did you know? Tomato is technically a fruit, as well as avocado, and watermelons are botanically berries! I wish I never knew that 🙂 Together with broccoli, tomatoes are among the best veggies for your health.

Herbs cross stitch chart

Culinary herbs cross stitch pattern

Springtime is in full bloom, and so are the herbs. Today I made a pattern with five of the most used culinary herbs (a couple of days ago I helped my mother-in-law to plant some flowers in her garden, and that gave me the inspiration for this pattern). Can you guess what plants I placed on my chart? Click “More” to see the answer, though I really hope that you won’t be needing it 🙂

This pattern is small and easy, a good start for beginners.

Culinary herbs cross stitch pattern

Stitch count: 140w x 50h, 12 colors

Culinary herbs cross stitch pattern

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Pepperoni pizza chart (+1)

Last week Debbie challenged me in comments to make a chart for a pepperoni pizza. Well, it proved to be quite an experience, mostly because working with pizza images made me extremely hungry… But in the end I got so exited that made two charts instead of one. Here they are, Debbie, and I hope you’ll like both!

Pepperoni pizza chart

Pepperoni pizza cross stitch pattern
Stitch count: 84w x 86h, 16 colors

Download pepperoni pizza cross stitch pattern

Oh, and you hope you don’t mind me throwing in a couple of olives 😉

Pizza slice chart

(I would like to say a big thank you to the anonymous author of the public domain image I converted into that pattern!)
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