Black temari “Starry night”

Black temari with stars

Simple black temari with lots of little golden stars. Oh, didn’t these stars give me lots of work 🙂

Stitched on C8 division.

Black temari with starsТэмари “Звездная ночь”: множество маленьких звездочек на черном фоне. Узор простой для вышивания, но требует очень много времени.

Вышито на C8.

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Little angel with a candle

Little angel with a candle free criss stitch pattern

It’s probably because of the heat wave we’re having, that I started making Christmas patterns 🙂 Pure logic! Anyway, this angel pattern is not only very easy, but also customizable, so feel free to use different colors for it.

Little angel with a candle free cross stitch pattern

Little angel with a candle free criss stitch pattern
Pattern size: 60 * 100 stitches, 3 colorsИз-за жары, затопившей среднюю полосу и меня в том числе, все мысли сегодня только о том, как бы чуть-чуть охладиться. Так что неудивительно, что сегодняшняя бесплатная схема для вышивки – рождественско-новогодняя по тематике.

Надеюсь, и вас она тоже немножко охладит 🙂

Ангел со свечой
Размер вышивки: 60 * 100 крестиков, 3 цвета.

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Christmas angel cross stitch chart

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

“Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”

As I promised earlier, I am doing a series of angels patterns this winter. This one is bigger and more colorful than the previous blue angel, but is still very simple and is made with only 7 colors. I hope you’ll like it!

Christmas angel cross stich chart
Stitch count: 120 x 87 stitches, 7 colors

Christmas angel cross stich chart“… ангел сказал им: – Не бойтесь. Я пришел сообщить вам весть, что принесет великую радость всему народу! Сегодня в городе Давида родился ваш Спаситель – Христос, Господь!”

Итак, как я обещала раньше, продолжаю серию схем для вышивки с разными ангелами. Сегодняшний ангел выглядит серьезнее и радостнее, чем предыдущий, поэтому я выбрала отрывок Евангелия от Луки в качестве сегодняшнего эпиграфа.

Схема для вышивки “Рождественский ангел”
Размер: 120 x 87 крестиков, 7 цветов

Схема для вышивки Рождественский ангел

> Скачать схему для вышивки “Рождественский ангел” бесплатно

Кстати, с радостью позвдравляю с Рождеством всех тех моих читателей, которые празднуют его в декабре! 🙂

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Blue angel cross stitch chart

There is something I’d like to ask you all today 🙂 Which series of charts do you like more: runic charts or Fairy alphabet? Please answer in comments, so I’ll know what to draw first.

Anyway, here is a chart for all who need an angel to help them get through the winter season 🙂 Let this nice blue angel help you with everything! I
wish to make a series of different angel charts this winter, and this will be the first of them.

Blue angel cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 95 x 66 stitches, 12 colors.

Blue angel cross stitch chartРождество и Новый Год – это волшебные праздники, поэтому наверное неудивительно, что меян потянуло делать схемы с ангелами. Этой зимой я планирую сделать несколько разных ангелов, и сегодня начну с симпатичного ангелочка в сине-голубой гамме.

Схема для вышивки “Ангел в голубом цвете”
Размер: 95 x 66 крестиков, 12 цветов.

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Christmas pack of small patterns – 2

Do you remember the Christmas patterns that I posted a couple of weeks ago? Here are some more small cross stitch ornaments to decorate your home and presents.

The pack contains

  • Christmas candy cane pattern
  • Christmas/New Year tree decoration (red ball) pattern
  • Angel pattern
  • Bells and holly pattern

All the patterns in the pack are small and can be stitched even by children.

! Download free Chirstmas pack of cross stitch patterns

Small Maneki-neko chart

A Maneki-neko (the “beckoning cat” or the “welcoming cat”, typically a Japanese bobtail with calico coat and a very short tail) is a traditional Japanese symbol of good luck. You can often see it in shop windows or restaurants. It is believed that the right paw in welcoming gesture welcomes people while the left paw welcomes wealth and good luck.

Stitch yourself a meowing good luck charm!

Stitch count: 60W x 90H
Colors: 6

! Download Maneki-neko cross stitch chart

[More original cross-stitch cats]

Traditional Russian church cross stitch chart

This pattern was inspired by a church in Rostov the Great – one of Russia’s small towns with long history. The church of the Savior on the Sands was build in 17th century and is a good example of Russian architecture of the period. I think that the chaste white walls of this church give a great impression of old Russian culture. They say that on the inside the church is decorated with beautiful paintings, but unfortunately tourists are not allowed in.

> Download The Savior on the Sands church pattern
Stitch count: 100w X 120h Stitches
Colors: 19 colors

An alteration to the original design: the pattern of the church with a golden autumn birch tree in the foreground.

> Download The Savior on the Sands church in autumn pattern

Stitch count:105w X 125h Stitches
Colors: 18 colors


New Year star temari

Now that I started the Christmas and New Year theme in my previous post (Christmas patterns pack), let me show you the New Year temari that I made several months ago. It’s by far not my favorite ball, I tried a custom embroidery on it, and I feel it’s a bit too simplistic when opposed to the traditional five-star pattern (that looks a bit like Christmas poinsettia flower) made around the top of the mari.

But still I enjoy the eco feel of the wrapping thread and the way reds and greens give this ball a festive look. What do you think about it?

Christmas pack of cross stitch patterns

Do you enjoy Christmas season? To be honest I never knew what it’s like until my first visit to the US during December. Now I know that Christmas is not only presents and decorated trees, but also candles everywhere, a subtle smell of cinnamon, and infinite Christmas songs on every radio station (Let it snow, let it snow. let it….). Oh, we do have all of that back home, but quite in a different degree 🙂

If you want to make something special for this Christmas, try decorating the presents (or anything else) with the patterns from my Christmas pack. The patterns in this pack are small and simple, and suitable for nearly every surface you can cross stitch on. There are four patterns in this pack: holly with red berries, Christmas tree, a present with ribbon and a poinsettia. (Click More to download)

And yes, it is never too early to start preparations for The Season!

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