Fairy alphabet – N

For Alla, who made a request in comments to my previous Fairy alphabet post, here is the letter N (or Russian П) 🙂

Fairy alphabet N

! Download Fairy alphabet N cross stitch pattern

And don’t forget: if you want me to do a special pattern – just write! 🙂
Специально по заявкам в комментариях к предыдущей записи с волшебным алфавитом – буква П, которая также может быть использована как английская N.

Схема для вышивки Волшебный алфавит, буква П

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Fairy alphabet – A, B, C (cross stitch letter patterns)

First letters of my new Fairy alphabet series: A, B, and C. A fairy is blessing every letter of this alphabet with good wishes 🙂 I tried to use nice and light colors to bring even more magic into these patterns.

All patterns in this alphabet are full cross stitch only (no half or back stitches) and suitable for beginners. [More fairy alphabet letters]

Fairy alphabet A

Download Fairy alphabet A pattern

Click more to see B and C >>> Новая серия: английский алфавит “Волшебные буквы”, и его первые буквы – A, B, C. На каждой буковке притаилась маленькая фея, которая приносит счастье и удачу 🙂 Я постаралась выбрать для схем нежные пастельные цвета, которые добавляют им магического колорита.

Все схемы этой серии – небольшие и вышиваются только счетным крестом, без полукрестов и других сложных стежков. Схемы подойдут начинающим.

Волшебные буквы A

Скачать схему “Волшебные буквы” – A

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Turtle Island cross stitch pattern

Today’s pattern is completely original and is based on my own drawing of a turtle with a forest on it’s back.

Style of the forest is inspired by beauty of The Book of Kells animation, and the idea of this picture comes from the cosmological myth of the Great Turtle, that carries the world on it’s back.

The vibrant colors and animation style of this pattern will make it a great decoration for a playroom.

Stitch count: 110w X 135h stitches, 20 colors

Turtle Island cross stitch pattern
Turtle Island cross stitch pattern

! Download free Turtle Island cross stitch pattern

Did you know? (I didn’t!) In some Native American tribes the Turtle Island is a name for North American continent.

Like that pattern? Say ‘way to go!’ in comments! 🙂
Схема для вышивки “Остров – черепеха” основана на моем рисунке, a её идея взята из древнего мифа о черепахе, на спине которой покоятся земля и небо. Анимационный стиль рисунка вдохновлен прекрасным ирландско-французским мультфильмом “Тайна Келлс” (The Book of Kells) – очень рекомендую его посмотреть, если вы еще этого не сделали.

Мультяшный стиль и яркие, жизнерадостные цвета этой вышивки отлично подходят для украшения детской.

Размер: 110 X 135 крестиков, 20 цветов

Схема для вышивки крестом Остров-черепаха
Схема для вышивки крестом “Остров-черепаха”

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Leprechaun hat cross stitch pattern

How about a guessing game? Be first to write down in comments the holiday that my cross stitch chart is dedicated to, and win a chance to choose the theme for my next pattern 🙂

The pattern for today is Leprechaun Hat: nice, small and easy, with lots of different greens.
Stitch count: 39w X 34h stitches, 8 colors.

Leprechaun hat cross stitch chart

! Download free Leprechaun hat cross stitch chart

So, are you ready to name the holiday?Для всех, кто любит ирландскую культуру – небольшая схема для вышивки крестом ко дню святого Патрика: зеленая шляпа лепрекона с пряжкой и листком клевера. Схема маленькая, поэтому вышить ее будет совсем нетрудно.

Размер: 39 X 34 крестиков, 8 цветов.

Шляпа лепрекона - схема для вышивки крестиком

! Скачать бесплатную схему для вышивки крестом “Шляпа лепрекона”

А любопытные могут заглянуть в архивы блога, чтобы посмотреть на тэмари с ирландским колоритом 🙂

Christmas pack of small patterns – 2

Do you remember the Christmas patterns that I posted a couple of weeks ago? Here are some more small cross stitch ornaments to decorate your home and presents.

The pack contains

  • Christmas candy cane pattern
  • Christmas/New Year tree decoration (red ball) pattern
  • Angel pattern
  • Bells and holly pattern

All the patterns in the pack are small and can be stitched even by children.

! Download free Chirstmas pack of cross stitch patterns

Rattle snake сross stitch design

According to the Chinese Zodiac the year 2013 will be the Year of the Water Snake. If you wish to stitch a New Year present with a snake symbol on it – keep up with my blog, because today I will start a snake series of cross stitch charts 🙂

If you are raised in western culture, then you may have some prejudice for snakes. But in the Eastern tradition snake is s symbol of wisdom and gracefulness. It is said, the the people, born on the year of the Snake, are good communicators and make right decisions in right times. They also love art, books, photography and fine food.

Here is a little pattern with a stylized laughing snake for a start.
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Neko Coneko cross stitch chart

A tribute to Azumanga Daioh anime series: two charts depicting Neko Coneko – white cat with a white kitten on its head. I made two versions of this chart – a bigger one (only cross stitches) and a smaller one (cross and back stitches).

Bigger neko-coneko:

> Download Neko Coneko cross stitch chart
Stitch count: 80W x 62H
Colors: 7
Kawai! Check out more original cat cross stitch patterns on Happy Stitch 🙂

Smaller neko coneko (cross stitches + backstitching):

> Download Neko Coneko small cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 51W x 38H
Colors: 8

Funny Bunny cross stitch chart

People often confuse rabbits with hares. Biologists say, that the main difference between a hare and a bunny is that the former is not attached to its territory and can’t be domesticated. That is why I’m sure that there was a bunny on the picture I converted into this pattern. It looks really domestic 🙂

A bunny is a traditional Easter symbol in US and Europe (by the way, Wikipedia says that Easter Bunny was an Easter Hare in medieval times), so this chart will pattern can make not only a playroom decoration, but a great Easter present.

Download Funny Bunny cross stitch pattern

Stitch count: 70w X 100h
Colors: 13