Finally did it! The Mayan Turtle embroidery :)

The Mayan Turtle embroidery

Ahhh yes, it’s so nice to make the last stitch in a project. Especially for a slow stitcher like myself. But yesterday I finally finished embroidering the Mayan Turtle for my new cushion!

The Mayan Turtle embroidery

The embroidery is made with woolen thread, and though there is a color guide in the original chart, I never used it, but just chose the colors that seemed most appropriate. More photos:Ура! Наконец-то закончена вышивка для очередной подушки из серии “майя”. В прошлый раз я вышила ящерицу, а в этот добралась до черепахи. Это очень приятно – видеть, как твои работы воплощаются в жизнь.

Этническая черепаха в стиле 'Майя' - готовая вышивка

Вышивку я делала шерстяными нитями “Арина”, а оттенки цвета выбирала на свое усмотрение – хотя в комплекте со схемой есть список рекомендуемых цветов мулине DMC, от которых можно отталкиваться во время выбора. Еще фотографии: Continue reading “Finally did it! The Mayan Turtle embroidery :)”

Ethnic snake cross stitch cushion pattern

Today I’m adding to the collection of ethnic inspired cross-stitch charts. As an ages-old symbol of eternity the snake on this pattern is biting its tail.

You can stitch this chart with yarn to make a cushion or with cotton DMC thread to make a small ornament.

See also the previous charts in this collection: the Lizard and the Turtle.

! Download free Ethnic snake cross stitch design

Is there any other animal you wish to see in this collection?

Ethnic lizard cushion chart

This pattern for making a cross-stitch cushion was heavily inspired by ethnic culture. An ethnic-styled lizard curles over the Mayan symbol for water (bottom right). It is the first in the cushion series I designed and I even cross-stiched this one in a real cushion (photo inside!).

Mayan Lizard crosst stitch chart
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