Growling tiger cross stitch chart

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forest of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

William Blake

Oh well, it seems the kitty doesn’t want belly rubs right now 🙂 But he still stays one of my favorite wild animals – so today I made a Growling Tiger pattern out of a photo found somewhere on the Internet. I did my best, but the chart still uses 50 colors, so I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners or for impatient crafters like myself.

Stitch count: 150w x 141h , 50 colors.

Growling Tiger cross stitch pattern
! Download Growling Tiger cross stitch pattern

Did you know? Contrary to the popular belief, the tiger is the biggest wild cat, even bigger than the lion.

Jazz Cat cross stitch pattern

If there is something that I love more than music or craft, then it is cats without any doubt. The Jazz Cat pattern combined music, cats and crafts together 🙂 This chart of a gray bass playing cat is based on my own original drawing (actually this tom is the first one of the series of musical cats that I wanted to draw).

Stitch count: 94w x 117h Stitches, 9 colors . Ideal for beginners due to limited amount of colors and easy cartoon style.

Jazz Cat cross stitch pattern

! Download free Jazz Cat cross stitch pattern

What jazz evergreen is this tom playing? Share your opinion in comments below!

Ethnic snake cross stitch cushion pattern

Today I’m adding to the collection of Mayan-inspired cross-stitch charts. The idea of this collection is heavily inspired by Mayan calendars and symbols. As an ages-old symbol of eternity the snake on this pattern is biting its tail.

You can stitch this chart with yarn to make a cushion or with cotton DMC thread to make a small ornament.

See also the previous charts in this collection: the Lizard and the Turtle.

! Download free Ethnic snake cross stitch design

Is there any other animal you wish to see in this collection?

Photorealistic green snake cross stitch design

A nice realistic green snake on this cross stitch pattern is based on a photo from the web. It is the second snake dedicated to the coming Year of the Snake (see also the cartoon snake in the previous post). The pattern is moderately big and uses 25 different colors.

> Download photorealistic snake cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 140w x 176h
Colors: 25

I detected some issues with the symbols encoding in the detailed information (doc). If you notice something like that, please let me know using the comment form below.