Halloween spider temari

Halloween temari balls

Halloween spider temariThis week I made free-stitched Halloween temari ball. No complicated markings, that have to be measured up to fractions of an inch – only creative desire! 🙂 If you look closer, you will be able to find a division here (an S8 to be precise), but it serves only as a guideline to make stitching easier.

The spider is stitched in spindle stitch, the web in swirls, and the leaves on top are made in a classical kiku pattern. The spiders’ eyes are four red French knots (there should be six, said my observant husband).

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Halloween pack of cross stitch charts 2

I’m sure it’s not too late to make something special for Halloween! 🙂 Here is yet another pack of four small Halloween-ish xstitch patterns. All patterns in this pack are nice, small and very easy, not more that 100 stitches in size and 8 colors.

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Halloween temari ball

How to make a Halloween temari

This nice thematic Halloween ball is really easy to make even if you are a temari newbie, just follow the steps of the tutorial. (Tip: You can use the ball that is not perfectly round)

Colors and materials: 8 colors (orange, dark orange and beige for the pumpkin, two different greens for the leaf, black and red for the spider and gray for the web); dark orange or brown sewing thread Continue reading “Halloween temari ball”

Halloween witch cross stitch pattern

“Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn, and caldron bubble”

William Shakespeare

Just as I promised in the previous Halloween post, here is a pattern that is bigger and more complicated. The witch on a broomstick is a tradition symbol of Halloween since Middle ages. It is believed, that on the night before All Saint Day all witches gather to a great ball, where they show their skills and dance and do magic. There are some black cats and bats involved too 🙂

Beware of this green-eyed witch, for only mischief is on her mind. While the moon is full she will do anything she pleases…

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Halloween cross stitch patterns pack

Okay, okay, I got carried away in my previous Christmas post. Here is a little present for all of you looking for pumpkins and broomsticks: a Halloween patterns pack. Use these small patterns for stand-alone presents or for decorating. The patterns are really simple: average stitch count is 45×45 and less than 10 colors, thus easy to cross-stitch even for a child.

And yes, I hope to make also a Halloween temari 🙂

There are five patterns in the pack:
– a pumpkin,
– an old tomb,
– a bat,
– a spider,
– and a black cat

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