Violet and orange spindle temari

One of my so far personal favorites – the violet and orange temari with the spindle design (see the spindle in one of my first temari balls). Here I tried a two-layered wrapping with black base and semi-transparent silver upper layer.

The worst mistake I made in this mari (along with several other ones) was to have the wrapping thread and the working thread equal in width. If you are new to making temari, remember to have the wrapping thread much thinner, otherwise it will affect the pattern.

Ethnic lizard cushion chart

This pattern for making a cross-stitch cushion was heavily inspired by ethnic culture. An ethnic-styled lizard curles over the Mayan symbol for water (bottom right). It is the first in the cushion series I designed and I even cross-stiched this one in a real cushion (photo inside!).

Mayan Lizard crosst stitch chart
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