Rune Algiz cross stitch pattern

Rune Algiz free cross stitch pattern

Today’s freebie will be another pattern in the runic series. Many thanks to Maria for stimulating me to return to that (unfinished) work through comments 🙂

This time the runes chose to show me Algiz – quite a mystic rune, because, as far as Wikipedia goes, people are nor sure of its name or true meaning, But we will settle for common name of Algiz, that stands for Elk.

Rune Algiz cross stitch pattern

Algiz Rune - free cross stitch pattern

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Hagalaz rune cross stitch pattern

Rune Hagalaz cross stitch pattern

The rune for today is Hagalaz, that literally stands for hailstone. Metaphorically it symbolizes uncontrolled forces of nature coming your way. If you came upon Hagalaz, it is the perfect time to stop trying to control everything in you life. Can you see the challenges, that mother Nature has up in her sleeve especially for you?

Hagalaz rune cross stitch pattern (more runic patterns with the same design)
Stitch count: 40w X 49h Stitches, 8 colors
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Rune Nauthiz cross stitch chart

I picked a hard rune today, and my first unconscious desire was to throw it back in the sack again and pick another one. But then again, if it came out, then I need to learn something from it.

Rune Nauthiz: the Need

Nauthiz is a sign that something goes not exactly right in your life. It is the imbalance between what you want and what you get. Being a fire rune, it is quite strong, thus symbolizing the burning pressure and desire for change. Sometimes it is compared to spindle that generates fire by friction.

Nauthiz rune cross stitch chart

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Rune Thurisaz cross stitch chart

Today’s rune is made specially for Kelly, who motivated me to make another runic cross stitch pattern. As usual, I picked it randomly from my rune bag. Kelly, I sure hope it brings you good luck 🙂

Rune bag

Rune Thurisaz: Protection

Thurisaz literally means the thorn, or a tree with thorns. Such trees were often planted as fences around ancient Norse villages, hence the second meaning of the rune – protection. In a more allegoric way it can also mean the thorns we keep to protect our feelings or the obstacles that keep us away from our goals.

Thurisaz rune cross stitch chart

Thurisaz rune cross stitch chart

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Perthro rune cross stitch chart

Perthro, the dice cup.

This rune symbolizes the dice, or more broadly – destiny, something that awaits you. Dice were used for fortune-telling (as well as today). It has an amount of uncertainty, because you never know how lucky the draw will be.

Perthro is very controversial and is sometimes interpreted as a woman’s womb, that also holds a lot of mystery in itself. It is said to enhance psychic abilities and sexuality.

Anyway, if you came across that rune by accident – expect more mysteries happening 🙂

Stitch count (Perthro pattern is bigger than the other runic charts because the name of the rune is longer): 40 x 49 stitches, 7 colors

Perthro rune cross stitch chart

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Gebo rune cross stitch chart

Gebo, the gift

The act of giving is a wonder for two: the one who gives and the ones, who accepts the gift. Gebo can symbolize both sides of the exchange. It is a rune for relationships and for meatings, a good symbol for anyone who has to work with people.

Being a rune of connection, Gebo also symbolizes love and marriage (so it can make a fair wedding gift). Gebo is a great good-luck charm for strengthening relationships.

If you came on this page while randomly browsing the Web, expect Gebo to bring you new connections with people.

Stitch count: 36 x 49 stitches, 7 colors

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Rune Laguz (water, intuition) cross stitch chart

The primary meaning of Laguz is water. Water was very controversial for the Vikings being very dangerous yet giving life (irrigation and fish). That is why Laguz often means life, birth and new beginnings.

Rune Laguz (water) cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 39 x 46 stitches, 9 colors

Deeper meaning of Laguz is the Flow, artistic inspiration, intuition and unconscious wisdom. This rune with its ability of multiplying creation powers can make a good present for any creative person. But you should be very careful with Laguz (as well as with any other rune), because it also means dark and hidden sides of your subconsciousness. Don’t get carried away with your imagination!

Laguz is also said to be a very feminine rune. It gives the woman a strength to get through any obstacles in life.

If you got to this page while randomly browsing the Web, than maybe Laguz is trying to tell you that you should relax and go with the flow of your life.

I chose a weeping willow as a symbolic tree for this pattern, because it grows only near water.

Rune Isa (ice) cross stitch chart

One more rune for all Norse-loving cross stitchers and the fifth rune in my Elder Futhark runic series. Last time I wrote a little about how I choose runes for the next pattern, so today I only want to point out that every time I draw a rune it happens to be just the right rune for my today’s mood and/or situation.

So today it is Isa – the Ice, the simplest rune of Norse alphabet. This is the rune of stability and stagnation, but mostly (and what is more important) – the symbol for the potential underneath the seemingly sound surface (like living water under thick winter ice). So it means not only the period of a standstill, but also the progress you will make after it. The second meaning of Isa is clarity. When you’ve come to a dead-end, try to clarify your mind, strip everything needless and distracting and look at your goals once again.

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Othala, the property – rune cross stitch pattern

Othala, one of the last runes in the Futark and the rune of homeland and legacy is the rune for today and the fourth rune in Quaternion Creations Runic series. As always, it is made into a small and simple cross-stich design that can make a nice decoration or a special gift.

Othala rune cross stitch chart

Stitch count: 36w x 49h, 7 colors

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Rune Tiwaz (Altruism) cross stitch chart

Today I will continue the series of inspirational runic cross stitch patterns (see Fehu rune and Kenaz rune patterns).

The Tiwaz rune has several symbolic meanings, among them justice, self-sacrifice and altruism. It is the rune of the god Tyr, who is most known for giving his name to  Tuesday (‘Týr’s day’). In Norse mythology, Týr sacrifices his arm to the monstrous wolf Fenrir, who bites off his limb while the gods bind the animal.

This small pattern is easy to stitch even if you are a beginner.
Stitch count: 36W x 49H
Colors: 8

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